Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Unannounced Kasidie rebranded?

Earlier today, I was going to log into Kasidie.com.  When I entered Kasidie.com into Safari on my iPhone, I was redirected to dirtyrockstars.com.  Since dirtyrockstars.com was not the website I was intending to go to and fearing that Kasidie.com may have been spoofed I decided to err on the side of caution and not log into the site.  We had not received any prior announcement from Kasidie.com staff about the rebranding.

I sent emails to admin@kasidie.com and nicoleta@kasidie.com to see what was up.  I received responses from both addresses claiming that the rebranding of Kasidie.com to dirtyrockstars.com was, in fact, legitimate, unfortunately, since I cannot be sure that the entire Kasidie.com domain isn't being spoofed, there is no way for me to know if these emails are valid.

Below is the email I received:

Hi guys, 

Yes, we made the change to the new DirtyRockstars brand this morning - we sent out a notification e-mail to all members, but apparently it's still being delivered. It's taking longer than we thought to reach everybody. This is what we sent:

We are excited to let you know that 'Kasidie' is now 'Dirty Rockstars'!!!
This morning we changed our name from www.kasidie.com to www.dirtyrockstars.com - Why the rebrand? Well, it's something we've talked about for awhile now as many people have challenges spelling (heck, even pronouncing) 'Kasidie'. As much as we love the brand, it was apparent we needed to move to something a little easier to remember. 
As a team we went back and forth on the pro's and con's of different names, talking about what we should roll with. The key elements of a name, we all agreed, were that it be hip, sexy, uninhibited, and not something like...
Swinger(insert boring generic here).com or,
Lifestyle(insert boring generic here).com
The name had to evoke the fantastic lifestyle that we are all lucky enough to live. And it had to be something we can wear on a shirt, with a wry smile as we play amongst the vanillas.
So why "D.R."? Because it perfectly conveys who we are and the exciting, uninhibited life we lead. 
We've owned Dirty Rockstars for quite awhile (we even have a trademark issued by the USPTO), but unlike our other marks such as Girls Uncorked and BiTheWay we just hadn't done much with it. The team agreed overwhelmingly that the name really represents who we are, as individuals and as a group, when we shed the restraints of our daily existence to become the people we really are; eager to seize opportunities to live our lives with other outgoing, enthusiastic, highly social friends. So we dusted it off and voila, here it is!
Other than this, things are just as they've always been...Nicoleta & Scott are doing what they do best (still as profile 'Kasidie'), Emily is Club Relations, Greg is Jedi-CTO, Donna is Admin, Dave is GraphicSex (web design), Bruce is the official LowLife, Sergio is the photo master, Steve is the icon wizard and working on some neat new videos, our Girls Uncorked chapter hostesses are organizing monthly wine parties in 24 cities, Sante and his BiTheWay hosts are putting together national and local events, and our club and travel agent partners are hosting over 700 parties and vacation events literally all over the world. And, of course, our commitment to the community and to providing the best swingers website in existence is as passionate as ever!
Welcome to Dirty Rockstars! We are still 'Kasidie' by any other name, but now with a brand that strongly evokes the incredible lifestyle we live.
Nicoleta & Scott
The Dirtiest Rockstars
P.s. if you'd still prefer to roll with the Kasidie graphics on your account, just let us know and we'll make that happen. We figured that some folks would like that and so wrote code to make that happen.

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