Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Episode 62: Swingers vs Cheaters and Other Sticky Matters

A visit from our Swap Fu Swinger Club correspondent -- Tiffania!

Plugging HUMP!

Mr Fu gets shamed! Bad Mr Fu. Bad! Getting sex on the calendar. Half of us got it right.

Getting our swirl on. Congrats to all our swinger newlyweds!

OktoberFUst. You should have been there! Titties on the pool table.

Back in the air with Mr Fu!

Cheater infiltration -- Don't enable bad behavior. How do you know if you're getting the full story.

Were the Clintons swingers? Who cares!? All of DC are doing it.

Underground shit is our 2nd job.

Binge listening. What gives? Have some perspective.

Cliques keep a-comin. Our friend Mr M laments not being able to do anything outside his clique. Learn to be nice or don't come. Never write a policy where common sense will do.

Black Rings? Get your rubber on!

Pretty vs Nice! Check out our poll. Seriously.

Female porn survey

The Young Turks

RIP Tom Magliozzi

Happy (Wedding) Anniversary to us! We're going to Mexico City.
Going to Club SW and/or Dreams

Bearing witness to our Swinger friends getting married.

If you don't like my sex life, don't make it your business.

Episode Song "Gay Bar" by Electric Six

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