Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're on iTunes!

After about three hours of cyber-toil yesterday, I was able able to get the podcast up and running on Feedburner. The last thing I did was submit the Podcast to iTunes. I guess it worked because I received an e-mail saying we were approved. Hurray!

I don't know why I'm excited by this. My intention with this podcast is to use it as a way to chronicle Ms. Swap Fu's and my experiences as we join the Swinger community. An oral history, so to speak. lol We do hope that our podcast is helpful to others, if for no other reason than because it serves as an added voice. Maybe some will learn from it, maybe not... but the words will be there and be counted.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Episode 1: Swap Fu Begins

Show notes:
A very brief introduction of Mr. and Ms. Swap Fu is followed by the reason we decided to get "formal" about swinging. We talk about our first club visit. First impressions of the place and the people. We also have a fun bit about PDA. We end the podcast with a brief plug for Planned Parenthood.

I did a quick and dirty job of editing out anything that would identify our city, the club we attended and the people we met there. I think it's clean enough. ;)

This podcasting shit isn't easy. A lot clunkier than I thought. Getting the ball rolling was a challenge, but once we hit our stride, we couldn't shut up. lol. I cut it back to 24 minutes or so, but we could have done an hour without a problem. I think we'll keep it to 20 - 30 minutes every other week. The next edit will go quicker. I moved to my old editing environment, Sony Vegas. It's meant for video but it also does audio editing very well and it is what I'm used to.

The music is Jah Roots playing "Soul Trouble" which was released with a Podsafe license. I may switch it next time something a little more modern. What do you think?

MP3 File Link

Follow us on Twitter: @swapfu

All comments welcome! Stay tuned for Episode 2: Swap Fu vs. the Smog Monster

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Introducing Swap Fu!

This podcast is meant as a journal of Swap Fu's journey into the swinger lifestyle. Our intention is to post a podcast every other week chronicling our experiences and discuss topics that are (hopefully) of interest to the swinger community and to each other. While listening, we hope that you either find yourself nodding in recognition, laughing at our mistakes or maybe learning a new trick or two for your arsenal. Just don't call the cops; we don't like cops.

This Blog will be a show notes repository and place for feedback. Comments welcome, but be nice or go home. :)

I won't get too in depth about who we are, where we came from and how we got into the lifestyle... you can find all that in "Episode I: Swap Fu Begins".