Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Episode 57: We Get Produced!

What’s up?

  • Summer is here.  We’re hot in San Antonio!
  • We have a listener producer, Debbie from DebbienMike on Kasidie :)

Swingers in the news

  • Quick news item - Two police officer brothers having a swinger party with their wives.  One wife was not into it and got punched by the other wife. the police were called in to reinstate peace :)
  • Dan Savage’s, Savage Lovecast podcast episode 396 started with a positive rant about Swingers and swinging. http://www.savagelovecast.com

(Stand by for technical difficulties.)

  • Best summer ever! Pool Days! Cooking, playing games, hanging out at the pool. Invited a few couples over on a Saturday or Sunday for games and summer fun.
  • Playing games
  • Thinking up ideas for more parties.
  • Participating in scientific study about non-monogamy. Interviewed by a “baby dyke” student for her sociology research paper.


  • Getting yearly physicals. Yes we’re strong healthy people!
  • Code of Conduct/Ethics for Swingers

Mrs Fu shares a list she found…
  1. Be safe
  2. Have fun
  3. Don’t fight
  4. Don’t cheat
  5. Respect other wants
  6. Respect other sex
  7. Meet other sex’s parents
  8. Don’t be shy
  9. Be nice
  10. Be good!
...at a Junior High Dating web page!
  • Our code of conduct suggestions:
    • Respect others time.  Cancel, don’t stand up.
    • Respect limits, rules, boundaries of others. Condom rule.
    • Respect the couple as a couple, communicate with both of them. Don’t cut one half out. All 4 talking insures dates get going. Four can’t talk, four can’t meet!
    • No punching!

Parting Thoughts and Feedback

  • Send us your funny stories about talking to your doctors.
  • Send us feedback about code of conduct for swingers.
  • On Kasidie a single guy, Cherokee101 has a write up of Single Guy Code of Conduct for the Lifestyle.
  • Naughty in N’Awlins we’re coming! http://swingercast.com/travel-parties/nawty.html

Shout outs

  • To our friends at Desire:
    • John and Allie Swingercast
    • Swaplicity from San Antonio
    • Los Swingers: See in July
    • Mike Litoris - great screen name, met at Desire last year!
  • Go Spurs Go! 1in 0 San Antonio! [Sadly now 1 and 1]

  • Forgot to mention our trip to Dallas to hang with the Avergae Swingers! Thanks for host guys!

If you can’t find the Fus, you’re not looking!

Episode music: “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea off the album The New Classic