Friday, May 27, 2016

A Word of Explanation

We haven't released an episode in nearly a year. This is not news to anyone.

One of the reasons for this is I've been overwhelmed with work. I've been traveling a lot and, frankly, things could be better with my job situation. Typical stuff for many of you, I'm sure -- but unusual for me and it's taken some getting used to. I'm dealing with it -- FuGrrl and I have made a plan and we're comfortable that things will be in better standing soon.

Our free time has been spent in our favorite form of stress relief -- Swinging!! So that's a good thing.

As many of you also know, we felt the show had been getting stale. Things have been really clicking for us in the LS and we didn't want to sound like we were bragging or just dully recounting what we did the previous month. Further, many of our friends here in San Antonio became listeners which complicates story telling somewhat. There's more scrutiny. This has forced to do some homework and try and re-imagine what the podcast should be.

In short -- we'll back soon. We love the podcast and we do have a growing list of stuff we want to share with you. It's just that the format has yet to be determined.

More to the point -- producing our monthly, one-hour podcast took two hours of pre-production, two hours of production, then four hours of editing. Committing eight hours a month is not trivial -- I want to be sure the product of all that effort is something that adds to the community, is entertaining, and most importantly, something FuGrrl and I can be proud of.