Monday, August 4, 2014

Episode 59: Do You Hear That Clique-ing Noise?

What's up? Well...

  • Thank you Los Swingers for hospitality once again!
  • Tost rocked it out for FuGrrl's birthday! Full circle and then some.

In the news...

  • Herman Munster Gets Rapey: (Will selfies replace mug shots?)
  • 15 Celebrities Swingers:
  • Sex Facts!:

Keep moving!

  • Traveling to La Jolla for work and fun! Do yourself a favor and hit up Babycakes for Sunday Funday! Sundays in San Diego are a goddamn party!
  • Hi 79couple! Thanks for the amazing time! Check out there fun meet and greets.
  • That song Fancy's got a fuck beat to it. More than The Rentals? Barry White is out. Marvin Gaye? No way. Six Underground by Sneakers Pimps.


  • The Sizeist vs FuGrrl: Swinger Superhero
  • What do people really look like in the Lifestyle? Thank you Jaye for the topic. What's hot? Is it just looks?
  • Social is not a social service. People have the right to choose. Choose what's hot to you and be hot back.
  • Then things get cliquey! Are you in a clique? Because you're being tough on newbies.
  • Mr Swap Fu goes on a loony rant and weirds out FuGrrl
Parting thoughts
  • Flirt? Meh.
  • Get Tested!!
  • Meet us, the Average Swingers and the Hidden Swing in Austin! Details on Kasidie.
  • We want donuts!
  • Naughty in N'Awlins! Red dresses. Red dresses everywhere!
Shout outs!
  • Thanks for the awesome iTunes reviews
  • Happy Dirty 30 Anniversary to Ms T and Mr K -- Join their Texas Social Club
  • Question: Are there enough meeting and greets happening?
Song? Clique by Kayne. Yeah, that's right.