Thursday, April 4, 2019

Episode 79: Penis Pills and Other Thrills

We recorded this episode in two takes. We had to stop recording the first take because we got in an argument. Oh well. I was also really congested during the first take. Sorry about that.

Semi-live from Vancouver BC.
FuGrrl is tired and hungry.
New mic stands. Can you tell the difference?
What's the Weather? Pot smoke!
FuGrrl's Canada prejudices get dashed.
Sending some love to our Vancouver listeners.
Sorry. The podcast came out after we went to Seattle. We will meet you another time.

Continued on April 3
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Sexual Performance Anxiety
Realizing MrFu's performance anxiety kept us from participating in many swinger events.
MrFu struggles with this issue. Maybe my experience will help some folks feel like they are less alone.
Self-acceptance vs self-improvement.

Been here in BC for more than a month and still haven't had any pot. We've got shit to do.

Going to the Whistler LS Takeover! May 2 - 5. Join us!

The music for this episode is Vancouver's own Bear Mountain's cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Episode 78: Ageism and Other Bad Ways to Avoid Getting to Know People

Los Apuntes (The Notes)

  • We're still in Mexico City recording Take 2 of this podcast. Making better for you, Swinger!
  • Guess what? We got stood up again. Make that lucky number 7. We did get a chance to check out a great bar, so it wasn't all bad. Check it out if you're ever in CDMX: El Diente de Oro. If you know CDMXCPLLKNG4U on SDC, ask them why they stood us up?
  • Who outed Roger Stone? Where's Jeff Bezos dick when you need it? Are there more Republicans or Democrats in the lifestyle and why?
  • According to Reddit, many more single women are attending LS clubs. Maybe it's because women are having fewer kids
  • Mr. Fu whines about Reddit. Basement dwelling masturbators. Why can't I just stop using it?
  • And finally, the topic: Ageism in the Lifestyle
    • Are they too young or too juvenile?
    • Don't assume you weren't excluded because of your age.
    • Hard age limits are probably not great constraints -- think compatibility.
    • In Mexico, elitism is a big deal.
    • Bottom line, not everyone gets invited to everything.
  • Headed to Vancouver, Canada. March 2 - June 8.
    • Also visiting Seattle! The Saffire Club is on our list.
    • We're going to see the Pixies and a couple Canucks games. Interested? Hit us up.
    • Beers, meet and greets and so on.
  • We got drunk with Swingercast this week. Thanks for visiting guys! Safe travels.
  • We're attending a Valentines Day swinger play party -- very excited about this.
  • Talk to you from Vancouver!
No music yet -- still getting my production chops back. Sorry.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Episode 77: Far and Away

Show notes
  • Memba us?
  • Talking about swinging as transients
  • Why Mexico?
  • How did we break into swinging here?
  • El Grupo on WhatsApp
  • SDCand SwingLiving are the two big websites in Mexico City
  • Apartment swinging
  • Swinger clubs in Mexico
  • Trying to get things going in Mexico City
  • Temptations vs Desire
  • A nomad laments and laments and laments
  • Going to Vancouver, eh?
  • Airbnb forever!
  • But yes, we're still alive
No music this time folks!