Friday, June 5, 2015

Episode 68: Lifestyle Awareness All Up Your Thing

Trying to keep this one under an hour!

  • Monkey's form cliques! But do they party? Maybe. But they don't share information.
  • The book I referred to was "You Are Not So Smart"
  • MILFapalooza -- Moms, moms, moms!
    • My Mexican Mother Recipe
      • Shake 1 oz 100% Agave Tequila, 1 oz Deep Eddy Grapefruit and a dash of Tabasco with ice. Serve on the rocks or straight up
  • Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day! Ms Fu reaches out to everyone spending their first one without a mom or dad.
  • We had a Passion Party. Big fun! We bought a We-Vibe.
What's Coming?
  • Going to Naughty in N'Awlins! You should too!
    • Taking measures to make it more events this year.
  • SOS Party!
  • Sunday Pool Days are kicking off!
  • Thanks for all the invitations! Nashville and Omaha!
  • Hot husband is a thing, I guess. Details please!
  • Find out about HUMP! Our producers are the super hot cover people!
  • We've Got a Thing podcast. They talk about Do You Know George. Check it out!
  • Pile Play isn't a thing, even in England.
  • Girls Uncorked couples party!
  • Senior Sizzle!
Get your Summer shaking with our choice of Episode Music "My Type" by Saint Motel. Dance this weekend!