Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Episode 55: The Fu Plus Two

Holy shit! We interviewed a couple!
The mics were out after a date so we interviewed a couple victims friends.

  • Setting expectations
  • Friends First vs Fuck First
  • Mr E talks about daring -- get out there!
  • Ms J discusses the play benefits of separate room play at house parties
  • Discussing insecurities of your partner being with someone else -- turning that into a positive
  • Be willing to learn from past experiences
  • Craig's List #1: The Pinky Finger Incident
  • Craig's List #2: The Cheating Remedy
  • Craig's List #3: Success!
  • Talking up the swinger websites
  • From FMF pillow talk to real life
Many thanks to Mr E and Ms J for their great interview.

Episode song is "Houdini" by the Los Angeles band Foster the People on the album Torches. Torches is a "blind buy". It's such a good album you can just buy it on faith. Pick it up!