Saturday, May 14, 2011

Episode 30: Friends first or frak first? What's a Fu to do?

Meet us on the Guadalupe River with the Krewe of Swingtown: June 24 - 26
Memorial Day in Chicago. Come for the Fu, stay for the Leather: May 27 - 30
Glow in the dark party at Mystique.  Will we reconnect with our raver past?
Pro Tips: Always take time to meet new people at the club.  It will give you a chance to step away and reconnect with your partner... and to make new friends.
New couple makes an effort -- and Ms Swap Fu likes it, bi the way.
Do the hosts of at house party have to stay up? What constitutes a house party?
Today's Topic is ripped from the pages of -- friends first or play first?
How is swinging like Clash of the Titans?
Are we here to make friends?

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We get a lot of comments about our music selections.  We try to pick songs that relate in some way to the topic being discussed.  This episode's music is "Sick Muse" by the fantastic Canadian band Mertic off their album Fantasies.  We've selected this song because it deals with the way people's expectations of falling in love can get in the way of leading the life we truly want to lead.  We think that this is why so many couples specify that they want to be friends first before they play; they have an expectation to have more meaning connection before having sex with people.  Our episode topic deals with this.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hop in the Swap Fu Time Machine

What the Swap Fu time machine may look like
Like an awkward trip back to your old elementary school, the first 10 episodes of the Swap Fu Podcast are once again available on iTunes.  Ms Swap Fu and I unshackled Pissy Pits, our techno-gimp just long enough to fix our podcast feed.  Now, back in the hole, Pissy Pits!

Join us in taking a trip down memory lane, to a hazier, newbie-er time, when two American Swingery Swingers decided to get drunk and plug in two headset into a crappy laptop and tried to crack each other up for an hour.  So, please enjoy your trip in our time machine responsibly.  Try to not 1.) a cause a rift in time, 2.) fuck your younger self or 3.) save disco -- it's dead, and we're glad.

Of course, the old episodes have always been available on this blog, but hell, nobody reads these things anyway -- or anything else.  See you're not even reading this now, are you? ;)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Episode 29: House Party Pro Tips... Be Safe. Be Polite. Be Fun.

News and Shout Outs:
Welcome to the swinger podcast world Sparky’s Open Source!  Bringing you swinging from a Canadian perspective

Planned Parenthood

Peoria Swinger Club Crackdown

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Non-negative news coverage of Swinging in San Antonio, from a Fox station no less

Ask Dan and Jennifer tips for house party success:  Be safe, be polite and be fun

How to building sexual tension prior to a swinger house party.  Ms Swap Fu shares how she stokes the fire all day long

Fashionably late?  How late is too late to arrive to a house party?

At the party...
Reporting back on Mr Swap Fu’s communication progress
Same room issues... people have different foreplay needs.  Same room can exacerbate this.
Ms Swap Fu relaxes in her favorite way
Expanding your repertoire -- get a training partner!
Ladies, keep your heels on during sex!

Episode music in honor of Cinco de Mayo "Que No Pare" by La Super Maquina