Friday, December 30, 2016

Episode 75: FuGrrl Does Not Know I Am That Greek Asshole

  • Drunk Alert! If you're triggered by slurred speech, skip this episode.
  • Bitching and moaning and groaning into the last episode of the year.
  • Absolute Wild Tea? Tasty!!
  • Why Mr Fu hates Mariachis.
  • We got hacked by some Russian fucking guy!
  • Check out Regus for all your virtual office needs -- we use em!
  • We go off on good tech support and the trouble with the expectations of Mac users.
  • General demoted for swinging? That's not the whole story.
  • Black Ring Success Story! Get your black ring from the 22kill organization. Yes, it's fine.
  • FuGrrl listens to the Average Swingers podcast!
  • Mr Fu interviewing out of state -- Snoqualmie, maybe.
  • Going to miss the house! How do you get the party started without a heated pool?
  • Why do people keep fucking dying?
  • Pittsburgh Dad is the best.
  • The Body Shop in Pittsburgh is having New Years Eve party!
  • Jerry Jones is a goddamn 74-year-old nightmare
  • FuGrrl discusses the ClitBit (patent pending).
  • Parents parents parents
  • Mr Fu was way too drunk this episode -- The song I meant to sing was this one:
  • Happy New Year!
Episode Song is FuGrrl's favorite Christmas tune "Please Come Home for Christmas" by The Eagles

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Episode 74: Pittsburgh -- A Drunken Plan Comes Together

Not too many notes this time --
This is so gross:

Chili Cookoff! You never know where a pot of chili might take you. Won the chili cookoff at a local bar. Got the t-shirt!

Andy's First Responder Chili Recipe
4 lbs ground beef

Add and sauté til clear:
1 onion
4 cloves garlic

Add and sauté:
2 tlbs chili powder

1 24oz jar medium salsa
1 bottle beer

Simmer in crockpot overnight.

kidney beans (cook 2 lbs dry kidney beans, don't use canned)
1 bottle beer

Last 30 minutes before service add:
1 small can chipotle peppers chopped
2 tlbs chili powder
1 tlbs cumin
1 tlbs knorr beef flavor granulated bullion

Pittsburgh! A drunken plan comes to pass!
We review The Burgh and The Body Shop Swinger Club. We really liked it!
Don't stay at the Hotel Monaco
Eat at Peppi's
Go to Yinzers
Go Steelers!
Go weed girl!

Trump wins! Fuck!

Girl Uncorked. Changes on the way.

After the AFF hack. A call to swinger websites. Get your shit together!

Black Friday Pub Crawl!!

In a nod to my proto-punk youth, this Episode's Song is "Duchess" by The Stranglers. I sincerely hope you love it!!


Monday, October 31, 2016

Episode 73: Scary Fun-Employment

(I later realized the Steelers had a bye this week.)

It's election time in the US!
Stolen yard signs!
At least this didn't happen
Are a couple beers with lunch considered Day Drinking
Why Mr Fu became a Democrat... not that you asked
Darth Trump on Auralnauts is actually pretty clever!
Politics free Sunday Funday
Seriously I was trying to stop talking politics -- I'm sorry
Get money out of politics!!

Mr. Fu gets laid off! Need a consultant?
More lunchtime sex! More internet!
Mr. Swap Fu's Chili Recipe is available for the right price
Anthony Wiener needs to lose his phone
No one reads anymore -- so why am I writing this?

Mr Fu and FuGrrl talk about old ass candy
Scaring neighborhood kids is a civil right
Mr Fu is the good one -- so yes I wore white
FuGrrl suffers so much!

Glasses Talk
Cheap glasses?! FuGrrl needed a source
They have a cool tool to see what your glasses would look like on
Is it DP or PD? DP it is!

Topic Time
Calling dibs? Can it be done?
Black rings in the wild? On a basketball coach?
Shout outs to couples in Germany and Singapore
Sorry -- I didn't send out the email in time -- I will get in touch with your soon, promise!
The story of Harry, Sally, Bob and Alice -- and the Fu's get the W!
Apropos of nothing, where is Charlie Sheen?
Bemoaning the three-couple dynamic
Play early. Party late.

Girls Uncorked!
FuGrrl is passing the torch as the GUC San Antonio hostess after more than four years
All swinger women welcome:

Going to Pittsburgh! November 10 - 14
Go Steelers!!
We want to see the driverless Ubers

All our previous Episodes are available on at

Episode Song is "Heathens" by Columbus' Twenty One Pilots

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Episode 72: Swinging is the New Normal

You want notes? Here's your damn notes!
  • We're getting older -- but glasses? Really?
  • FuGrrl plugs her ladies-only kik group
  • Google image search your private photos to make sure people can't find your vanilla profiles
  • Traveling for swinger events in beach towns
  • Going to Pittsburgh for the Cowboys-Steelers
  • Birthday Pub Crawl! The night before a Longhorns game means -- tons of drunks!
  • Happy Birthday John from Swingercast
  • DNA testing? Turns out were swingers. Who knew?
  • Renewed interest in the Black Ring -- Cheap shit from China!
  • Swinging is our new normal
  • More comments on misbehaving vanillas -- people are the spectrum
  • A wife asks a man how he thinks they stack up against others couples -- that's not swinging, that's Facebook
  • Tips for breaking up with people in the lifestyle: and we have our own take as well
  • Interviewing people is tricky
  • Proposed Q and A: Newbie and Experienced couples
  • SA Perv's meet and greet this Saturday and  SA Perv's Black Friday pub crawl! (Check SDC and Kasidie)
  • OktoberFUst 2016 is coming!
  • Listen to us mix drinks! Tweaking the setup for fewer edits!
Episode Song is "Cover Me Up" by Pittsburgh stalwarts Rusted Root. (No I didn't want to play the *other* song. You're welcome.)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Episode 71: Swingers, Birthdays, Roofers and Par-tays

A bunch of random of shit as always.
We talk about Singles, Parties and Trump.
FuGrrl gets a tarot card reading for her birthday.

Thank you Janet!
Find sex educator Janet Treviño at
Twitter: @janettrevino210
Facebook: janettrevino210

This episode's songs come courtesy of our roofers -- "DEL Negociante" by Los Plebes del Rancho de Ariel Camacho. I think it's amazing.

Translated lyrics --
They say I'm full of myself and arrogantThey can't stand seeing meI'm going forwardI'm honest and try to behave myselfWith my friends, I'm always on the up and upDon´t even try because you won't be able to --Find anythingI also know how to misbehave
Ever since I was a kid, I've liked adventuresI ask St. Jude for favorsI took the advise I wanted to takeAnd always followed my father's exampleToday I feel strong and extremely richWhen I'm next to my kids
I don't if they don't like my tattoosI'm not interested in being in anyone's good gracesI have risked -- I have sometimes wonAnd in the accounts nothing has gone wrongAnd that's how it is for us good negotiatorsI am Angel del Villar(
I am Angel del Villar)
I am Angel del Villar(I am Angel del Villar)I am Angel del Villar

My fortune are my kids and my parentsA hug for all of my brothersI was a rebel who got stained by inkAnd I saw some hard times on the streetsI'll never forget the poverty...That I left there in Zacatecas
For my collection a golden toyOn the grips Karma is engravedJust as I also engraved on my skinImportant things, on my neck DELPlay me "El corrido del Mentado"To remember ARIEL!
All of these are your achievments, my fatherI followed your footsteps from Rio FrioAnd now I also have my turn to teachIn life you have to fightI retire not with out saying...I am Angel del Villar(
I am Angel del Villar)I am Angel del Villar(I am Angel del Villar)I am Angel del Villar

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Episode 70: The Firecracker Fantasy Girls

Hey Now Folks! We're back!

Just some abridged notes.

We're just going to talk about whatever the fuck we want from now on. Listen for details.

Just a warning it may not always be about swinging.

We talk briefly about our trips to Desire with the SDC takeover, Naughty in N'Awlins and our ever-popular Sunday Fundays.

Friends on Mic:

On July 3rd we talk to some of out good friends Camo and Lace about freedom means to them. A big thanks to those who fought for our right to get naked in the pool.

Lace tells us her intro to sexy voices. You never know who you're talking to when you check your balance.

Ms L chimes in with her origin story. Ms L and The Midnight Charmer.

Is fair to be fired for being a swinger? Is swinging protected speech?

Episode Song: Hey Now by Matt and Kim

Friday, May 27, 2016

A Word of Explanation

We haven't released an episode in nearly a year. This is not news to anyone.

One of the reasons for this is I've been overwhelmed with work. I've been traveling a lot and, frankly, things could be better with my job situation. Typical stuff for many of you, I'm sure -- but unusual for me and it's taken some getting used to. I'm dealing with it -- FuGrrl and I have made a plan and we're comfortable that things will be in better standing soon.

Our free time has been spent in our favorite form of stress relief -- Swinging!! So that's a good thing.

As many of you also know, we felt the show had been getting stale. Things have been really clicking for us in the LS and we didn't want to sound like we were bragging or just dully recounting what we did the previous month. Further, many of our friends here in San Antonio became listeners which complicates story telling somewhat. There's more scrutiny. This has forced to do some homework and try and re-imagine what the podcast should be.

In short -- we'll back soon. We love the podcast and we do have a growing list of stuff we want to share with you. It's just that the format has yet to be determined.

More to the point -- producing our monthly, one-hour podcast took two hours of pre-production, two hours of production, then four hours of editing. Committing eight hours a month is not trivial -- I want to be sure the product of all that effort is something that adds to the community, is entertaining, and most importantly, something FuGrrl and I can be proud of.