Monday, January 27, 2014

Episode 54: Never a Place for Complacency

Endless gratitude to our listeners for sticking with us all this time!!

What's up?

  • So long Club Prestige! Better to have two clubs than one.
  • A vanilla New Years Eve
  • Mr and Ms Swap Fu alternate off-nights at a couple events
  • Feeding the community by introducing people
  • There's more swingers out there than you think
  • FACT Check: There are 470,000 households in San Antonio not 60,000. It is estimated that one in 200 couples swing. 23,000 swinging couples in San Antonio? Can this be?

  • After four years we still need to keep communicating and be careful with what you take for granted.
  • An expanding after party gets sprung on FuGrrl: Auto Stress Mode!
  • We had a disconnect at a party -- when to leave? Forgot to check in. Beware of physical discomfort in uncomfortable situations.
Odds and Ends
  • Should we have a Swinger Super Bowl Party? What are your sexy Super Bowl memories?
  • Is it selfish not to help a couple enter the lifestyle because you don't want them around?
  • Much love to SA Pervs and their excellent Black Friday Pub Crawl
  • Love to T and M for the super-fun semi-lifestyle cookie exchange
  • Love to Twattwirler and congrats to M on her RN!
  • Love to Los Swingers! Thank you for visiting us once again!
  • O5 was a raging success; triple blowjob, still unfulfilled
  • Doing business with swingers... the naked network
  • Girls Uncorked simply continues to rock
  • Trojan Supras are terrible!
Episode song "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities off the album In A Tidal Wave of Mystery