Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Episode 67: What's your get-down, Swinger?

Sorry this is so late. We've been busy having fun -- and working too much!

UK Swinger club attached by thugs

Minnesota club barred from opening

(Distracted by our hot producer)

Tips on reddit on how to throw a meet and greet

Shake Weight for your kegels?

Implantable Vibrator from Germany?

Kinky subcultures?

What's your get-down?

We run down all the different swinging styles our producer could come up with.

If one girl penetrates another girl is still soft swap?

(We took a week and a half off -- then picked back up.)

Did Mr. Fu break a rule?

Sybian commentary -- Still hate it

Tips on redoing our profile?

Austin pub crawl with Brian and Kristen and the Average Swingers!

Have you been kicked out of a party for a perceived infraction?

Get some Nair for a hairless sack!

Ideas for Episode 69?

Swinger Diaries? You're welcome!

Pack list! Essential for Desire

Episode music "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk the Moon