Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Episode 60: We Got Naughty in N'Awlins and More

Intro and Welcome/What’s the Fu be up to?

Production note: Sorry about the boomy audio!

Back from Naughty N’awlins

 Drinking plan
 Sexing plan

Restaurants and Bars:
 The Beaches
 Johnny's Po Boys on St Louis
 Red Slipper Cafe
 Royals House Bloody Mary

Review NIN schedule

WTF is a contribulator?!

Three mini topics

People that make me feel a little shittier every time you see them. AVOID!
Mr Fu gets grouchy about the proposed Swinger flag.
Email “Calling Dibbs”

Parting Thoughts and Feedback

Gillette body shaver
Bob’s Burgers steals Ms Fu’s idea
Burning Man Speed Boner competition
Pool Dazes winding down
Mr Fu’s toga Birthday Party
Bonus Podcast this month, an hour from NIN with
     Average Swingers, Swingercast, Me and Ms Jones

Shout outs

SDC free 7 day trial
All the birthday people September 5th!

Pub Crawl to celebrate.

Episode Song is "Set it Off" by Peaches. We enjoy listening to this little gem while enjoying a few post NiN in a gay bar in the French Quarter. We miss you NOLA!