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The Swap Fu Podcast is an audio journal of a couple in the swinging lifestyle.  This is a semi-regular podcast about swinging, swingers, open marriage, relationships, friendship and sex.  The ins and outs of host swinger parties are also discussed.  The podcast is for adults only, enough said.

The Swap Fu Podcast is intended as entertainment only.  It is not an advice podcast and the Fu's do not even pretend to give it.  If they do, it is done so inadvertently and should be promptly ignored.  The Fu's urge the listener to point out whenever the Fu's give advice, discuss religion or politics.  The guilty party will be locked in a dog kennel and fed only via slingshot.

Mr and Ms Swap Fu are a fun-loving couple living in Suburban Texas.  They are very social and like to have fun; or Party, as some people call it.  They have been married since 2000 and have known each other since two years before that.  While they have always been non-monogamous -- they have sex with people outside their relationship -- although they did take a six-month break from outside encounters after they first got married.  A few years passed and, once again, they reintroduced non-monogamy back into their relationship.  Each of them would have a person or two they were seeing on the side, always with full consent of the other.  They rarely played together, but it was not unknown to happen.

In the summer of 2008 or so the Fu's realized that all was not well.  The people they were engaging outside their relationship did not always have their best interests in mind; they wanted more, even if it involved the undoing of Fu's marriage.  This particularly true of the women Mr Swap Fu was seeing.  (Single guys tend to be a lot more accommodating when it comes to casual sex ;)  The Fu's also felt that the people that they were dating were not "moving on" with their lives, as they had become somewhat dependent on them for more than sexual gratification.  Finally, the Fu's did not want to continue "imposing" on their friends for sex.  They did not want to be perceived as the couple that could not be invited out for fear that they would behave inappropriately.

The solution seemed simple, the Fu's made a pact that they would no longer have sexual relations with their friends.  Simple in theory, difficult in practice.  The desire for non-monogamy remained.  What were they to do?  Swinging seemed like the answer.  In 2009, Swap Fu decided to join the Swinging Lifestyle, where they expected they would find couples like themselves who were looking for the same thing; friends with benefits.

And this brings us to Episode 1 post February 24, 2010 of the Swap Fu Podcast... Enjoy!!!

Production Equipment
We are often asked about our podcasting setup. It has gone through several iterations, but currently we use:

  • Two Audio Technica AT-2020 condenser vocal mics with foam windscreens, mounted on table top mic stands.
  • The mics are connected via XLR cables into a Tascam DR-40 SD recorder, which also supplies the mics with phantom power.
  • I edit on a Dell Windows 7 laptop running Sony Vegas. I'm used to Sony Vegas from my previous filmmaking experience and it has very strong audio editing capabilities.
We generally don't wear headphones; I monitor levels visually on the DR-40.

This blog is hosted on Blogger. Blog posts with embedded audio are automatically published as podcasts. Our podcast audio files reside on archive.org. We use Feedburner to manage our podcast feed. It's not high performance, but it's all free.

Each podcast is broken into several parts.  They do not always discuss them in this order or get to all of them.
  1. Greetings
  2. Shout Out
  3. Listener Questions
  4. Recent Events
  5. Topical Discussion
  6. Contact Information
Their objective is to post a new podcast every month or so.

Our Endorsement Policy
No sponsors.  No endorsements.  Period.

The Swap Podcast is 100% self-funded by Mr and Ms Swap Fu and will accept no payments, contributions or donations from any entities, private or commercial.  The Fu's will consider reviewing products online but reserves the right not to do so.  Any entities, goods or services endorsed by the Podcast are because Mr and Ms Swap Fu have used them personally and are merely commenting on their efficacy.

Why Swap Fu loves Kasidie
We understand that there are many swinger dating websites out there.  One of these is Kasidie.  It is our favorite dating site for several reasons.  First, this site provides the best user experience and tools that help swingers connect with each other.  The site is reliably available and easy to use.  Next, the site is the favorite of many swingers whose opinions we value.  Finally, we believe that the owners of Kasidie are an active swinger couple who are not in it for the money.  This is evident in the fact that they do not block mentions of other web sites on their website, nor do they block mentions of events that Kasidie does not endorse.

Kampaign 4 Kasidie
We are following LifeStyleLife's lead and are getting behind their Kampaign 4 Kasidie.

We understand that Kasidie may not have the most swingers from your area as subscribers and we are not asking you to switch.  However, as social-media-savvy swingers, we want to be able to contact as many of you as possible, not just in our area, but worldwide.  We feel that everyone should consider joining Kasidie as their second swinger dating website.  We think that you will find it to be a superior website for all the same reasons as we do.

Are we selling out?
We have not accepted anything in exchange for endorsing Kasidie.  We are also members of SDC and SLS.  We use SDC actively because there are more couples on SDC from our area than there on Kasidie.  Several close friends of ours are on SLS and we maintain our membership there as a favor to them. 

The Fu's try to stay current in their musical tastes and like to share what they find with their listeners.  Our musical selections are listed in the episode show notes.  We try to keep the music relevant to the podcast topic and we only use music we have purchased.

So many ways to reach the Fu...

Mr Swap Fu is @SwapFu on Twitter and reads swapfu@gmail.com

Ms Swap Fu is @FuGrrl on Twitter and reads FuGrrl@gmail.com

You can leave us a voicemail at 609-3SWAPFU (609-379-2738)

Find us a swapfu on Yahoo! IM and Google Talk

Or swapfu on the Kasidie and SDC dating sites and swap_fu on SLS.

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We would love to hear from you!