Saturday, August 28, 2010

Episode 14: Who Wants an Olive?

Episode 14: Who Wants an Olive?

New show format! Like, there is a format and stuff now. lol

1. Intros, shout outs and thank you's
- Hi Cooper from Life on the Swingset! Hi Kidder Kapper from Sex is Fun and Bathtalk.
- We try to answer Kidder's question about re-engaging after a separate-room full swap encounter which leads to a discussion about our life before formally becoming swigners.
- Also, how are their still cheaters in the lifestyle. Say What?!

2. What have we been up to AKA Live & Learn with the Fu's
- Be prepared. Don't be like us and show up to an after party without supplies.
- Don't be afraid to make and exit. Pictionary is a fun game, but damn, so is Hide the Salami
- Ms Swap Fu talks about why her iPhone needs a tripod
- Club closing leads to opportunities. More Internet activities & meeting a hot couple at a vanilla club
- Meeting our first hotel couple again. The language barrier & trip to Paris

3. Weekly Topic
- How swinger attitudes cross over into your vanilla life?

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Episode Song: "Dark Halls" by Au Revoir Simone

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Episode 13: Join Swap Fu, Where 13 is Always Lucky

We wrap up our Episode 12. It ran long. :)

Lots of good stuff in this one

Good times with a single guy

Is Mr Swap Fu a shy wallflower?

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