Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Episode 61: Getting Your Dinky in a Pickle

Quick note...

Sorry this is a little late -- we recorded on 10/10/2014 but I've been super busy.
Also, we repeatedly refer to the episode song as Fine Shine by The Period Ring -- it's Fineshrine by Purity Ring. We're goofy, we know.

What’s the Fu been up to?
Above average pub crawling with the Average Swingers
Pre-Crawl Pizza at Home Slice
Violet Crown Social Club
Shangri La
Easy Tiger Bakery
The Rooftop
Coyote Ugly

San Diego Trivia adventure with amazing people
Talking to a couple that started swinging partly because of the podcast

OktoberFUst Prep -- Lederhosen Woes


We revisit the Lost Episode 23 from way back in 2011

Still no podcasts from Australia? What's happening there?

Planned Parenthood update? The news ain't good in Texas
Swinger cover stories -- How do you handle a thousand cocks? Put em in a calendar? We need a cock release.
Blind dates vs blurry dates
Single people! Please speak up!
The once per month rule and other ways to keep it cool in your swinger life

Parting Thoughts and Feedback

SLS Radio Request: Our debate -- Is it an endorsement
Episode Music selection discussion:  Democracy or Dictatorship?

News Items: Careful Swingers. Any of your misdeeds are blamed on the Swinging Lifestyle.
  1. Bad AirBnB'ers

Shout outs

Pub Crawl People!

Support Planned Parenthood!

Episode music "Fineshrine" by Purity Ring (Not Fineshine by The Period Ring... super sorry.) Selected by FuGrrl