Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Episode 70: The Firecracker Fantasy Girls

Hey Now Folks! We're back!

Just some abridged notes.

We're just going to talk about whatever the fuck we want from now on. Listen for details.

Just a warning it may not always be about swinging.

We talk briefly about our trips to Desire with the SDC takeover, Naughty in N'Awlins and our ever-popular Sunday Fundays.

Friends on Mic:

On July 3rd we talk to some of out good friends Camo and Lace about freedom means to them. A big thanks to those who fought for our right to get naked in the pool.

Lace tells us her intro to sexy voices. You never know who you're talking to when you check your balance.

Ms L chimes in with her origin story. Ms L and The Midnight Charmer.

Is fair to be fired for being a swinger? Is swinging protected speech?

Episode Song: Hey Now by Matt and Kim