Thursday, December 29, 2011

Episode 41: Casualties of the Lifestyle

The Spanker Revealed
OpeningSwingers getting a bad wrap from shows like “Disappeared”
Swingers at a family event.  What happened? Pro tip: Just invite smart friends ;)

Get Togethers -- Woop Woop!
There ain’t no such thing as a small get together
Must develop a party checklist -- the checklist manifesto by Atul Gawande
We played the LMFAO Pandora station at our get together... Best. Idea. Ever.
Good success show less-threatening porn for parties: Sapphic Erotica and Andrew BlakeGuest list management: Don't invite a couple to a party just because you like one of them. Odds are their other half won't be liked by anyone else either.
Discussing the ongoing single guy dilemma.
Burning Up at Re-entry AKA the Sunday to Monday crash
-- The dream-wake state of that first Monday morning meeting. Your head is still partying naked with a bunch of swingers and but your body is sitting on a conference call with Milwaukee.
-- You have to keep quiet about what you did while your coworkers regale you with stories about bowling and their cats.

Please share your experiences with us... how do you handle the return to normalcy?
Shout outs
Boris and Doris Podcast
Sparky's Open Source Podcast
Mr and Mrs W Daily
Dirtybit Podcast
Caramel Craze

Episode music: We are loving the UK band The Vaccines and the butt-rocking tune "Wetsuit" Please buy their music, we did ;)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Episode 40: We're Not Experts, But We Know Some

What's the Fu been up to?
  1. Co-hosting a party.  Shared responsibilities. Opportunity to meet new people.
  2. Swinger friends rule because they get excited and bring drinks, snacks and toys!  They also care better care of your stuff and have fun!
  3. Staying sober until 11:30 helped Mr Fu.
  4. As hosts, be ready to meet people.  "Welcome to our home!"
    Shout Outs:
    1. Thank you for "flood" of responses to the gusher topic
      1. Three doctors weighing in
      2. We've got a lot of practice ahead of us
    2. Younger swingers
      1. They play, and
      2. We've witnessed it! Thank you A and A
    1. Continue smaller get togethers
    2. Gushing practice!
    3. The New Years Eve dilemma
    Our music for this episode is, once again, Metric.  This time the song is "Help, I'm Alive" off the album Fantasies.