Friday, January 27, 2012

Episode 42: Looking Back Over the Last Two Years

  1. Toronto city officials asked to license swinger's clubs?
  2. A flurry of Swinger Grindr-like apps for mobile phones. Expect more anti-competitive craziness, a la SDC and Lifestyle Longue.  Talk about the Adult Friend Finder bullshit date.
  3. After so much talk about of monogam-ish relationships... where are the swingers, Mr Savage? Neglecting to consult one of the many swinger sages seems a little strange.
  1. The top three changes in our perception or things we have learned in the last two years of swinging. 
  1. Remember: You can post anonymous comments to our blog:  Respond to us there if you want people to see it.  Emails and dating sites messages are OK for private stuff, but post comments to our blog is an easy way to share with other listeners.
  2. Getting the cops called on us.
  3. Expanded explanation of guest list management.  Read email.
  4. Upcoming Mardi Gras party: Feb 18
Not that these guys need us promoting them, but the episode song is "I Write Sin Not Tragedies" by Panic At the Disco.  Great tunes from another great Las Vegas band.