Friday, May 10, 2013

Episode 49: Stop Annoying Your Partner

What's the Fu been up to?
  • Desire trip -- borrowed partners and the soggy grapes of wrath
  • Career changes and plane old problems
  • An orgiastic experience. More more more.
Tonight's Topic
What does your partner do that annoys you?
  • Maybe a size queen should take a turn for the team.
  • Side bar about Pillow Princesses
  • Why won't my wife have rough sex with me?
  • Always being late is annoying your partner.
  • Drop the Kabuki and get her to the playroom quicker!
  • Make sure your partner is taken care of before you get busy with the other woman.
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Episode song "The Keepers" by Santigold. The album is Master of My Make-Believe. Wow, what an extraordinary talent!

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