Thursday, July 16, 2015

Episode 69: Red Shirt Diplomacy

Happy Birthday FuGrrl!

Swinger Awareness Update
Go to Reddit and check out the discussion.
Want to help?

We Vibe Review! Great overall -- no joy from the remote or the app.

Girl Uncorked goes international!! Welcome to all the sexy New Zealand ladies. But where are the US Gulf Coast Girls Uncorked chapters?

Mr Fu goes bananas in a party invitation.

FuGrrl watches Mr Fu's porn.
Bush may be back... but not where the face goes.
What's a merkin?
Dry vaginas?

Porn reqs?
X-Art and Lesbea

Topic is Diplomacy
Diplomacy is not compromise, it's communication
Can you attend any event without freaking out about who will be there?
How good are we at this? Well, we cratered twice last weekend.

Carpets curtains and laminate flooring!

Going back to Naughty in N'Awlins! Join us!

Do you want to hang out? Mr Fu's will have a bunch spare time.

The Overnight -- is it any good?

Austin Birthday Pub Crawl Sept 5th!

Episode Music: "Parenthesis" by The Blow from 2006