Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Episode 58: A Georgia Foursome

  • First off...
    • Today we hit the road to Atlanta to visit our good friends, the lovely Los Swingers!
    • First some sad news -- thank you very much for all the love and support
    • Girls Uncorked couples party! Los Swingers need another Girls Uncorked chapter in Northeast Georgia. 
    • ABC Swinger news story
    • Huffpo article on what to expect at a swingers resort
    • Desire was a little tame for Los Swingers -- the resort should know how to plan for the rain!
  • Topics...
    • Ethics follow up
      • What information should you share about other couples? The condom bandit and other ethics breaches
      • Listener feedback on ethics
    • Matt and Bianca's reddit post as it relates to ethics
  • What have we been up to...
    • Atlanta visit
      • FuGrrl get Liberated
      • Paradise Valley is a true paradise! What an incredible resource and swinger friendly
      • Our triumphant return to The Trap! Sexy, classy, fun in the Diamond Club. A somewhat pricey addition to the best swinger club we've ever been to.
      • Food, folks and fun!
  • Closing remarks...
    • Join us at Naughty in N'Awlins!
    • Who was that on the last Swingercast podcast?
    • Los Swingers enjoyed meeting John and Allie
    • The SDC website is much better: Congratulations! (Still has a couple issues...)
    • Spurs win!
    • Check Los Swinger website The Swingers Hub. A great, free, resource
Episode music: "Georgia On My Mind" as performed by the incomparable Willie Nelson.