Thursday, February 24, 2011

Episode 23: It's the First Anniversary of this Podcast... so we spanked the tar out of it

Australia... you are being underserved
Planned Parenthood needs you now
Shout out to Boris and DorisShout out to couples at Desire -- negotiatate your vacation -- because you can't put pictures of cocks up in your cubicle
The first annual Swap Fu Cock-ation Calendar
The dreaded blind date
Do you want a unicorn or do you want an escort?
Transitioning a relationship with another couple from swinging to non-swinging.

Episode Song "Mating Game" by Bitter:Sweet

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

A new look and some new pages

We decided the give the website a once-over.  We've added an About Us section, some more info on Planned Parenthood and our Endorsements policy (in the About Us page).

We're also following the LifeStyleLife's example and joined the Kampaign 4 Kasidie.  There's a link at the top explaining why we have joined this movement.

Do you like the new color scheme?  Are we missing something?  Let us know.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A listeners first time...

We promised to post J and F's first experience... please read it below.  J and F are German and English is not their first language, but I think you will agree that the heat of this experience easily cuts through any language problems.

Hello Ms. SwapFu, hello Mr. SwapFu,

If you are still interested in getting some information about other couples experiences in getting in the lifestyle.
Well - shortly something about ourselves: we are a married couple (lucky since 25 years) in our very early 50ies. Living in the south of Germany near a city where cars are manufactured starting with 'P' amd 'M'.

For a long time the male (now writing) was surfing the web on different adult sites. Then, our children were getting independent, but still living at home, our female part got interested in his 'internetactivities'.
At the same time she started listening to your podcast. It’s a funny feeling when you are exercising in the gym beside your wife and she bursts out in laughter from time to time – and you know what she is listening to ;-) .
After long talks (our TV may be sold in this time for matters of inactivity), we decided to visit a swinerclub only for couples in the middle of march.
However, it went different.
After signing up a swingersite (with some - we find them beautiful -  photographs of us) we got a respond within two days from a slighty older, expierienced couple which invited us to a clubevening in a swingerclub about 150 km in distance (100 miles). And they invited us to stay over night at their home.
We set our borders: Go there, look at all, maximum should be soft swap, kissing ... depends on sympathy. Intercourse only with ourselves.
After spending lots of money for a club-outfit we showered, shaved and went dressed up to the inviting couple. The welcome was very warm with some champagne by the guy from the couple. His wife went shortly after in from the bathroom already in her club-outfit. Left me breathless for a moment – my wife too. Then we chatted a while, where given some advices for behaving in the club (smile, talk, be friendly, don't drink too much -  or you'll have troubles to get/stay hard).
Then hopped in the car, drove about an hour to the club. With heavily beating hearts we rang, the door opened, we went to the check-in, payed our fee and were directed to the dressing rooms. Well, as we were already set up for the evening, we didn’t need to spend much time for dressing and went back upstairs for a tour through the club.
A strange look … everywhere more or less dressed people in very erotic outfits. Chatting and having a good time at the bar and in the disco. The ‘playgrounds’ were not used at this moment. Another glass of champagne at the bar, a little snack at the buffet (skin to skin with very less dressed men and women).
Then we, overwhelmed by the atmosphere, were ‘forced’ by our two hosts to start a little dancing in the disco. Soon it went into a dancing of my wife with the male part of our hosts, me with the wife and we four altogether. Hands went over bodyparts of formerly ‘strangers’ leaving no part unexplored.
Heated up like this we were ‘pulled’ to the playgrounds.
There we started with undressing, exploring and … and … and…suddenly I went down on the hosts wife, my wife moaning under the hands of our host. Awesome!
Suddenly a question whispered in my ear: Wanna fuck me? Not wanting to break the rules with my wife I leaned over to her and asked her if I ..? The answer was very short: Fuck her!
Meanwhile I was so overwhelmed that I, after putting a condom on, just got inside her but my dick was not hard to finish penetration successful. Technical malfunction …
My wife meanwhile was licked to orgasm by out host. She was very loud and a solo witness who joined the playground said loud as she was heavently breathing after a orgasm: 'Yeah baby!' What a compliment.
Then she grabbed a condom, put it over the hard dick of our host and went on her knees to get in the right position to be entered by him from behind. The noises went higher again and seized as she began to go down on me. She orgasmed as loud as possible (with me in her mouth). Our host left her, she laid on her back, cause she recognized my hard cock and begged me to fuck her. I went over her and filled her – first with my dick, then with my cum.
Meanwhile another young couple joined the playground, first finger fucked and then did it in good 'old style' missionary.
The girl came, snatched her towel and left the boy who was left unsatisfied. As relaxed as we were we asked him what happened. Here his short story: The gal picked him up on the dancefloor – pulled him on the playground – and rest we saw…
Our host has fingered him while he talked and she invited him to fuck her. They started, my wife and I looked at another and grinned. We started to caress and lick the boobs of our host simultaneously until she and the young guy got off. After the young guy rolled off, her husband started to fuck her hard until they came together hot and loud.
After relaxing a short time on the mattresses we snatched our belongings – tidied the room for other users and went to shower.
The evening went on with watching very erotic scenes in the BDSM dungeon, listening and watching other couples having fun, talking to other people, getting a solo lick from my wife on a bed which was connected with chains to the ceiling. Funny feeling when you lie on your back, getting a blowjob from your wife and you hear people saying as they walk by:’Look, there is J. doing F.’.

Later in the evening – early morning- , after driving home from the club, we sat together with out hosts, had two bottles of red wine, and talked until the early morning. The following day was a mess – lack of sleep, head full of pictures and positive emotions.

Well, that’s our story about entering the ‘lifestyle’. And we are not going to leave it!

Thanks for your podcast, which is – in fact – very educational and funny, in short words: perfect for our first steps.
By the way: J. has not reached the actual podcast, but she is working on it!

Love and kisses out of good old Germany!

J. and F.

PS.: We plan to travel to Burningman 2012. Are you participating?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Episode 22: What should swingers consider before they swing separately and Ms Swap Fu tries viagra

This episode is chock-full of swinger goodness.

Listener topic makes us rush for the mics.  How do we handle the transition between swinging together vs swinging separately.  Pretty advanced stuff, we think.

Also, a listener's first-time experience give Ms Swap Fu the vapors

Ms Swap Fu tries Viagra... interesting

Music "Love Vigilantes" by New Order

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