Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Episode 56: We're So This Summer

---Corrected Euless Meet and Greet Date! It's May 30 not May 31. Sorry!---

Thank you for joining us once again!

FuGrrl is loving being Girls Uncorked chapter hostess!

  • The new Girl Uncorked chapter in the Texas Hill Country
  • A Girls Uncorked is coming to St. Louis, courtesy of a San Antonio transplant
  • For more Girl Uncorked information go to: http://www.girlsuncorked.com

Meet and Greets with Average Swingers

The Black Ring!

Impromptu Get Togethers

  • 15 couples out of nowhere? Why plan?
  • Thanks to Mr. Camo from Camoandlace for helping with pool heater. All those naked boobies are in your honor!

San Antonio Players

  • We're down to one club in San Antonio. Players is awesome but competition is always good.
  • Come to the Kasidie meet and greet at Players San Antonio the third Friday of every month.
  • More information about San Antonio Players http://www.playersclubsatx.com

Time Wasters or What Are We Going to Bitch About Today?
  • The Peter and Lois maneuver: Peter tries to make plans without first talking to Lois leading to broken dates and wasted time. Listen for the solution!
  • Mr. Swap Fu learns a lesson on dealing with bad instant messengers
  • Using the Fade Away. Watch the Garfunkel and Oates video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fr8HKRTavM0
First Impressions

  • Don't assume your lack of chemistry is due to what you think
  • Give people a few chances

Swirl Party Etiquette

  • No recruiting!
  • Unwelcome advances during a swirl event put Ms. Swap Fu off
  • Don't inadvertently out your swinger friends
  • Keep swinging private and no hanky panky in front of the vanillas
Going to Naughty In N'awlins August 6 - 10 with Swingercast and Average Swingers! https://secureregistrationonline.com/new_nin/signup.php?affiliateId=1694&c=1

We miss Los Swingers! Hope you're enjoying the New Trapeze!

We're looking for a Producer! If you're interested, please email us! swapfu@gmail.com

Interested in the topic of penis size? FuGrrl recommends Unhung Hero on Netflix.

Episode Song: "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World