Monday, March 12, 2012

Episode 43: Ever Fu-ward

  1. Recapping Podcast Comments
    1. Cuckolds are people too
    2. The good and the bad of the effects of swinging on self-image
    3. Why we don't have guests on our podcast
    4. Swing can only be improved but never mastered
  2. Topic: What's next for the Fu?
    1. Continue self-improvement: mind as well as body
    2. Going to Desire! It's a just a trip to the beach, really.
    3. How we're going to dirty up a perfectly good summer
    4. Stepping up the dating game and how we've been meeting new people
    5. A story about trying to live with more honesty
  3. What has the Fu been up to?
    1. The Mardi Gras party the rocked!
    2. Event host sticker mix up on Kasidie
    3. Meeting swinger friends at a vanilla club
    4. Going to monthly podcasts
Episode song is "Lately" by The Helio Sequence.  Find more about this Portland, Oregon band at: