Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Episode 66: What Makes a Guy Fun?

Opening comments
Much love to Debbie and her new headset!

Blissbringers vs Google: http://blissbringers.com/fuck-google/

Article by Violet Blue referenced in above article:

What’s the Fu be up to?

Mardi Gras Party
  • Co-hosted with Camo and Lace on Valentine's Day
  • Different / better / cool for us / shared party responsibilities
  • Photo booth success! http://www.sparkbooth.com
  • Technical details of photo booth
  • Loved having brunch with Los Swingers! Next time, more time!

Wonderful San Diego trip

Crawfish boil with swinger friends on a Sunday http://www.lacrawfish.com
  • Hot crustacean action!
  • It ran super late -- wise to do it on a Sunday?

A Frozen LS Themed Party. Sure! Fun too. Have a party! A fun party held by a great couple.

FuGrrl has a late-night caller -- Swinger CSI


Be fun! What makes a guy fun? These probably apply to women as well.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously. Why are you here?
  • Have hobbies and interests -- be an interesting person
  • Active listening -- eye contact is very important. Pay attention and pay a compliment. Learn a joke!
  • Escalate -- Demonstrate a physical interest in the other person
  • Participate! Be in the moment
  • Don't fixate. Keep moving. No hot boxing a couple.
  • Go online, young man! Find something that helps you and go do it. In other words, Practice!
  • Flirt Flirt Flirt! http://www.sirc.org/publik/flirt.html
Listeners! What do you think makes a guy fun?

Introverted women? What can they do?
  • Attend a Girls Uncorked meeting!
  • What role do women typically want to play?
Parting Thoughts
  • "Do You Know George?" parties. Anyone been to one?
  • New Horizons is closing in June. Farewell to a Lifestyle Institution.
  • Another fucked up situation? Listen to this...
  • "Do You Know George?" parties. Anyone been to one?
Coming Up
Episode Music --- Pumpkin Song by the lovely Kate Nash

    Monday, February 9, 2015

    Episode 65: Don't Piss Off Veronica!

    Hello Friends!
    Swap Fu Debrief!
    • Thinking of hitting up karaoke at the club.
    • Average Swinger pop in! A welcome chance to get to know an awesome couple.
    • Downtown Houston pub crawl
      • Our traveling companions flaked.
      • Small Town couples are jittery.
      • The crawl had logistical challenges but it was fun.
      • Thank you thank you thank you!
    • Attended a swinger couples Passion Party hosted by a swinger friend.
    • A short segue about Zombie Dildos.
    • Sex toys can be controlled by apps? What a country! But beware!
    In depth!
    • Article discussion: https://www.yahoo.com/health/should-we-all-be-in-monogamish-relationships-109895587302.html
      • Is monogamy holding marriage back?
      • Are they talking about swinging or poly?
      • The online dating is transforming the availability of partners - Hyper Serial Monogamy,
      • The difference between Tinder and Swinger Safari.
    • The Nitty Gritty of Nonmonogamy
      • We walk you through planning an event: Swinger Game Night,
      • We reach a very "us" conclusion,
      • Best laid plans -- The 3rd Tuesday in March is St. Patrick's Day
    • The Mardi Gras Party is coming!
      • 100 people? Holy shit! Thank god we have help this time.
      • New porn setup!
    Parting thoughts and Shout Outs
    • FuGrrl turning Swifty!
    • Thank you Mr K and the Swinger Fairy
    • Thank you B and K for the Swinger Safari App -- check it out. We are. Also twitter.
    Episode music -- Boogie down to "Shempi" by Ratatat on their album LP3. Love me some Ratatat on a Monday afternoon.

    Saturday, February 7, 2015

    Episode 64: Stinky Boundary Talk

    This and that...

    • It's a New Year and people still celebrate Kwanzaa!
    • Threesome Etiquette? Nope.
    • We're talking about the FUNCH! What the fuck is a Funch? It involves a spa robe and jewelry... and a no show.
    • Sound complaints. We're trying!
    • We took a chance and had the Girls Uncorked couples party at our house. It was a success!
    • Swinger Santa sighting!
    • Swinger Zombies? Of course! Zombie Dildo?

    Get to the point...

    • Ms Fu and I discuss a reddit post on breaking rules. What are your rules based on? Are they trust exercises or are they based on something concrete?
    Parting thoughts and feedback...

    • SDC party broadcast invitation calamity! Don't use SDC with an iPad.
    • Kasidie -- you're not off the hook for your GirlsUncorked.com fiasco!
    • Advances in the female condom
    • We share our 2015 swinger objectives
    • Listener mail! Should we interview an older couple about breaking into the lifestyle
    • Stick around for Stinky Sunday Sex
    Relevant to our discuss on boundaries, our episode song is "The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea)" by Big Data. Get it wherever fine music is sold.

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    Episode 63: Top Ten Update and Swinging in Mexico

    Intro and Welcome
    • Vacations are good for Sex! Lots of sex with each other in Mexico!
    • Is Mr Fu caught up on date nights?
    Programming Notes and Announcements
    What’s the Fu be up to?
    How we scheduled dates while traveling. 
      "At the Clubs this Sat and next Sat. If you want to set up drinks, call to schedule with us.”
       If suspect a single guy, "have your wife call my wife to set up a date. Sorry, we can't get texts"

    • Listener Request: New top 10 things learned since Episode 10
      • Look at top 10 from episode #10
    Ms Swap Fu's Top Ten
    10. Clubs are uber cool.
    9. Travel plans to Swing are off the hook. If you haven’t done it, try it.
    8. Your Vanilla friends probably adore you more than your friends in the lifestyle.
    7. Passive guys in the lifestyle are boring. Guys that show up to have fun are my cup of tea.
    6. Single guys have a place in the life style.
    5. Strap-ons are out, and I will be experimenting with some other devices.
    4. No, you don’t look younger than you really are.
    3. Swinger upkeep is a pain in the ass. But you do it because you want to swing.
    2. Ask for what it is that you want. Specifically and unequivocally. Changes you make from the lifestyle can affect every aspect of your life.
    1. The number one thing I have truly internalized is that my husband rocks.

    Mr Swap Fu's Top Ten
    10. The founders of Harley Davidson must have been swingers
    9. Minimize your time on the dating sites. Lot's of chatters, picture hunter and punters. Meet people in person ASAP then go from there.
    8. Focus on your goals. What do you want and who do you want it from?
    7. Escalate sexually. Don't freeze up once you're there, build passion by escalating foreplay.
    6. Look out for your partner. He or she may not be in the same headspace.
    5. Keep meeting people. You may know some cool couples, but there are always more out there.
    4. It's not about them, it's about us
    3. It's better to be fun than sexy
    2. Watch your booze
    1. Who dares wins
    • Top 10 Update for 2014
      • 1. FuGrrl -- Don't forget the sex!
      • 1. Mr Fu -- Condoms take practice
      • 2. FuGrrl -- 86 drama people
      • 2. Mr Fu -- Swingers are looking for shit to do
      • 3. FuGrrl -- Swinging scales
      • 3. Mr Fu -- Your swinger friends understand you
      • 4. FuGrrl -- Your body is just fine
      • 4. Mr Fu -- Allow your significant other to be your ally
      • 5. FuGrrl -- Share at least one language with people you swing with
      • 5. Mr Fu -- Expectations are bad
    Parting Thoughts and Feedback
    • Email response to Car Talk mention. Thank you Mr and Ms HFT!
    • Listen to the poll results! 
    • Reddit swingers from 4,000-10,000. Wow! 
    Shout outs
    • Pub Crawl hosted by Average Swingers, Jan 31st In Houston. We’re going! Listed as public parties on SDC and Kasidie
    • Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa…. Happy New Year! Be safe!
    Episode music: "Musica Ligera" by Soda Stereo

    Wednesday, November 19, 2014

    Episode 62: Swingers vs Cheaters and Other Sticky Matters

    A visit from our Swap Fu Swinger Club correspondent -- Tiffania!

    Plugging HUMP!

    Mr Fu gets shamed! Bad Mr Fu. Bad! Getting sex on the calendar. Half of us got it right.

    Getting our swirl on. Congrats to all our swinger newlyweds!

    OktoberFUst. You should have been there! Titties on the pool table.

    Back in the air with Mr Fu!

    Cheater infiltration -- Don't enable bad behavior. How do you know if you're getting the full story.

    Were the Clintons swingers? Who cares!? All of DC are doing it.

    Underground shit is our 2nd job.

    Binge listening. What gives? Have some perspective.

    Cliques keep a-comin. Our friend Mr M laments not being able to do anything outside his clique. Learn to be nice or don't come. Never write a policy where common sense will do.

    Black Rings? Get your rubber on!

    Pretty vs Nice! Check out our poll. Seriously.

    Female porn survey

    The Young Turks

    RIP Tom Magliozzi

    Happy (Wedding) Anniversary to us! We're going to Mexico City.
    Going to Club SW http://clubsw.com.mx and/or Dreams http://www.dreamsmexico.com.mx

    Bearing witness to our Swinger friends getting married.

    If you don't like my sex life, don't make it your business.

    Episode Song "Gay Bar" by Electric Six

    Wednesday, October 22, 2014

    Episode 61: Getting Your Dinky in a Pickle

    Quick note...

    Sorry this is a little late -- we recorded on 10/10/2014 but I've been super busy.
    Also, we repeatedly refer to the episode song as Fine Shine by The Period Ring -- it's Fineshrine by Purity Ring. We're goofy, we know.

    What’s the Fu been up to?
    Above average pub crawling with the Average Swingers
    Pre-Crawl Pizza at Home Slice
    Violet Crown Social Club
    Shangri La
    Easy Tiger Bakery
    The Rooftop
    Coyote Ugly

    San Diego Trivia adventure with amazing people
    Talking to a couple that started swinging partly because of the podcast

    OktoberFUst Prep -- Lederhosen Woes


    We revisit the Lost Episode 23 from way back in 2011

    Still no podcasts from Australia? What's happening there?

    Planned Parenthood update? The news ain't good in Texas
    Swinger cover stories -- How do you handle a thousand cocks? Put em in a calendar? We need a cock release.
    Blind dates vs blurry dates
    Single people! Please speak up!
    The once per month rule and other ways to keep it cool in your swinger life

    Parting Thoughts and Feedback

    SLS Radio Request: Our debate -- Is it an endorsement
    Episode Music selection discussion:  Democracy or Dictatorship?

    News Items: Careful Swingers. Any of your misdeeds are blamed on the Swinging Lifestyle.
    1. Bad AirBnB'ers

    Shout outs

    Pub Crawl People!

    Support Planned Parenthood!

    Episode music "Fineshrine" by Purity Ring (Not Fineshine by The Period Ring... super sorry.) Selected by FuGrrl

    Wednesday, September 17, 2014

    Episode 60: We Got Naughty in N'Awlins and More

    Intro and Welcome/What’s the Fu be up to?

    Production note: Sorry about the boomy audio!

    Back from Naughty N’awlins

     Drinking plan
     Sexing plan

    Restaurants and Bars:
     The Beaches
     Johnny's Po Boys on St Louis
     Red Slipper Cafe
     Royals House Bloody Mary

    Review NIN schedule

    WTF is a contribulator?!

    Three mini topics

    People that make me feel a little shittier every time you see them. AVOID!
    Mr Fu gets grouchy about the proposed Swinger flag.
    Email “Calling Dibbs”

    Parting Thoughts and Feedback

    Gillette body shaver
    Bob’s Burgers steals Ms Fu’s idea
    Burning Man Speed Boner competition
    Pool Dazes winding down
    Mr Fu’s toga Birthday Party
    Bonus Podcast this month, an hour from NIN with
         Average Swingers, Swingercast, Me and Ms Jones

    Shout outs

    SDC free 7 day trial
    All the birthday people September 5th!

    Pub Crawl to celebrate.

    Episode Song is "Set it Off" by Peaches. We enjoy listening to this little gem while enjoying a few post NiN in a gay bar in the French Quarter. We miss you NOLA!