Friday, December 30, 2016

Episode 75: FuGrrl Does Not Know I Am That Greek Asshole

  • Drunk Alert! If you're triggered by slurred speech, skip this episode.
  • Bitching and moaning and groaning into the last episode of the year.
  • Absolute Wild Tea? Tasty!!
  • Why Mr Fu hates Mariachis.
  • We got hacked by some Russian fucking guy!
  • Check out Regus for all your virtual office needs -- we use em!
  • We go off on good tech support and the trouble with the expectations of Mac users.
  • General demoted for swinging? That's not the whole story.
  • Black Ring Success Story! Get your black ring from the 22kill organization. Yes, it's fine.
  • FuGrrl listens to the Average Swingers podcast!
  • Mr Fu interviewing out of state -- Snoqualmie, maybe.
  • Going to miss the house! How do you get the party started without a heated pool?
  • Why do people keep fucking dying?
  • Pittsburgh Dad is the best.
  • The Body Shop in Pittsburgh is having New Years Eve party!
  • Jerry Jones is a goddamn 74-year-old nightmare
  • FuGrrl discusses the ClitBit (patent pending).
  • Parents parents parents
  • Mr Fu was way too drunk this episode -- The song I meant to sing was this one:
  • Happy New Year!
Episode Song is FuGrrl's favorite Christmas tune "Please Come Home for Christmas" by The Eagles

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