Friday, April 2, 2010

Echo No More...

Just a quick technical update and commentary from the Fu.

WARNING: Tech Stuff Follows

I produce the Swap Fu Podcast using Sony Vegas Pro. My background is in video production, so it's just easier to use Vegas than learn an entirely new piece of software. We record the podcast using USB stereo headsets; I use a Plantronics that folds up and Ms Swap Fu uses a Sennheiser. Vegas puts each headset on its own channel and I can adjust the levels of each in real-time or in post. Very nice since I don't need to dick with a mixer or a separate audio interface. Also, the headsets can be used for Skype, gaming, etc. Anyway... it's the way to go if you're considering getting into the podcast game IMHO.

As we're sure you heard in our podcasts, we've been plagued by a nagging echo coming from one or both headsets. I couldn't seem to shake it! We changed the way we faced each other. Sat closer, furhter away, offset 90 degrees. I messed with the levels. Nothing. The echo wouldn't go away.

Finally, as a last-ditch effort, I opened up the track effects in Vegas to apply a "Gate" filter, which I heard could help with problem. You can imagine my surprise when I found that there were already affects applied to the track; a noise gate, an EQ and a compressor. I deleted the effects from the track and recorded a test. Nice and flat with no echo. These headset mics are really top notch... at least for podcasting purposes. lol

Anyway, I think I solved the problem and we should have echo free podcasting from here on out. Thank you as always for listening to our ramblings. The next episode should be a hot one. :)


The Fu

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