Saturday, May 29, 2010

Episode 9: Sixty-nine minus sixty

Show Notes
- Intro and Thank You's

Life on the Swingset for all the immoral support
Swingercast cast for the nice comments back
This Married Life for the laughs
All our twitter followers

- Email, Twitter and Phone Number 609-3SWAPFU

- Leave us a review on iTunes, why not?
- All the News that Fu's
- Topix

1. Response time for emails in the lifestyle... coordinating four people takes longer

2. "Been up since six am, do you went my company?" Strap on being like not being able to get it up

4. Out of town trip and the guy with the hat

5. Peeps in our room

6. Booty call

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  1. We just pimped your podcast on our podcast! :) Hope you don't mind