Thursday, October 28, 2010

Episode 17: We're Big in Japan, but we're fucking huge in South Korea

Episode 17: We're Big in Japan, but we're fucking huge in South Korea

This Episode ran long, so we're splitting it in twain... do you really want to hear us drone on for more than an hour?

Part 1
Opening and thank yous
Interesting countries that follow us the Fu AKA what the hell is wrong with Canada?

Part 2
Hot tub terrors vs vanilla acceptance
The new club location vs buying in the vip area
Playdates still aren't working
Meeting less people but more people with similar preferences as a ratio

Support Planned Parenthood

We're out, Peace!


    1. Keep up the good work. I've followed John and Alley over at Swingercast for the last few years. Exciting to see a new podcast. Check out my blog for our first experience among others..

      We'll both be listening for future shows!!

    2. hey
      i think your postcast has become one of the more informative and interesting swinging podcast, in the sex positive field.

      one thing though: I think i've listened to all 17 podcasts, but you, as a couple have not gone into detail about how you came about your view of sexuality.
      you two are completly, at least to this listener, completly void of feelings of posessiveness or jealously.
      i find this remarkable and wish I could be that comfortable with my partner.

      keep on podcasting and if you're ever in the twin city area... i'll buy you both a beer :)

    3. adultfriendfinder: I hope our response in Episode 18 helped shed some light on your comment. Try to stay warm up there!
      The Fu