Thursday, February 24, 2011

Episode 23: It's the First Anniversary of this Podcast... so we spanked the tar out of it

Australia... you are being underserved
Planned Parenthood needs you now
Shout out to Boris and DorisShout out to couples at Desire -- negotiatate your vacation -- because you can't put pictures of cocks up in your cubicle
The first annual Swap Fu Cock-ation Calendar
The dreaded blind date
Do you want a unicorn or do you want an escort?
Transitioning a relationship with another couple from swinging to non-swinging.

Episode Song "Mating Game" by Bitter:Sweet

Support Planned Parenthood!!


  1. I was REALLY dissapointed in your 'discussion' of transitioning from a swinger relationship to a non swinger relationship. Really if there's a relationship- you would take the hints and not discuss it if things were going wrong? It seemed like there wasn't a discussion and you would just eventually stop 'calling' the couple to play. Just seems it would not be that easy. Just really dissapointed in this discussion.

  2. If things are going wrong, that's your first clue that a discussion is required. If you are dissapointed in our podcost, don't download. No worries. You obvously have it figured out. We do not. Good luck. swapfu