Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Episode 34: Swap Fu Finds Trapeze Just Peachy

What did the Fu do?
  1. Meeting our hot friends at the amazing Swinger Mecca: Trapeze Atlanta
  1. Swinger date dynamics. Get private!
  2. Never the hook up -- you see them over and over and you never hook up
  3. The Jackknifed four-way
  4. Guys that can't stop watching their girl and the power of the switchback
This and That
  1. After-party participant selection. Yes, you still have to plan.
  2. Should we disclose our online presence?
  3. We're going to Vegas Sept 23. What are you doing?
  4. Thank you for the iTunes love!
  5. Short Bus by John Cameron Mitchell movie discussion
Episode music is "Topaz" by the Athens, GA band The B-52s. Not only does this song honor of our friends in Atlanta, but also it's Mr Swap Fu's favorite by this most excellent band... Tin Roof! Rusted.

1 comment:

  1. I like "Roam" just as much as "Topaz"...I'm just saying.