Sunday, October 9, 2011

Episode 36: Don't call it a cumback!

We're finally moved into the new place... mostly.  We're back!

Ms Swap Fu gets Uncorked.  Join the Girls Uncorked chapter in your city.
Las Vegas trip highlights and tips and tricks for swinger travel newbies
The Sex-Related Injury
We talk about staying active in the lifestyle during a life transition
FuGrrl wants to know how you gracefully exit a sexual situation that just got weird... email her

Thank you for the your patience, emails and iTunes reviews.  Hopefully we're back on schedule now.

Enjoy this episode's hot, hot music "Come Closer" by Miles Kane

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  1. I've been a listener for while and really enjoy your podcast. Just listened to your latest episode 36. Would be great to hear some of the details of the parties (I guess there were 2 house parties) that you attended during the Vegas trip. You really glossed over this portion of your trip and would be good to hear more of your experiences at these parties. It's the parties that attract us to this lifestyle. I can tune into any travel podcast to hear about a Vanilla trip to Vegas (which this episode sounded like) but I listen to Swingercast, Life on the Swingset, Life Style Life for the stories of real experiences. You can always use initials to describe other people who were there - why not provide more details on the good stuff ??

  2. Thanks for listening and for the feedback.

    After we finished recording Ep. 36, I was actually half-expecting this type of response. I think that we ended up sacrificing some detail for the sake of brevity. Our only excuse is that it was our first podcast back after two months and we wanted to make sure we didn't take on too much.

    I've made a note to revisit the Vegas parties in a later podcast; we may go into a bit more detail then.

    Again, thanks for your comment.


  3. In the past I was listening to Life on the Swingset (Mr. Cooper), Swingercast and Bath Talk, and sceptical to give a try to Swap Fu’s pod cast, mostly because of their name, but once I started to listen to the Swap Fu’s, I got rid of the all but this one.
    What I like the best is their good taste and professional way of talk about the life style without going into nasty details, for which Mr. Cooper is good at. Also, they are always positive, never saying badly about their experiences, or recording with anger as Boris and Doris.
    The Chapter I liked the best is 35 where they recognize each other as their main true love and they give thanks to each other for the opportunity to swing, which is mostly the same reason we should be into the lifestyle, to share with other nice people a good moment to satisfy everyone’s need to feel connected.
    Mr. and Ms. Fu I don’t think you have to go into much detail, probably one or two episodes for a newbi to know what to expect into the lifestyle would be good, but other than that keep it the way you do it, very professional.

  4. How to exit a situation gracefully, my favorite line, "Excuse me, I need some air." If can get you away from a creepy person, an awkward situation, or out of the room in the event of putrid cologne. Nice, brief, polite. :)

  5. Hello Mr and Mrs Swap Fu.
    I think it is very interesting trying to get feedback from listeners with a wonderful question from Mrs Fu. What would you do if the guy that you are with, all of the sudden is a no for you? Well that explains the advantage of same room is a good practice.
    If you get to a point where your significant other is having a good time and you cannot continue with your partner, just tell him, sorry I have to go for a towel or to refresh a bit. He or she will understand and try to play with the other part, turning out to be a great 3 some for your significant other. Later on you can come back and simply enjoy the view.

  6. We recently ran into this situation and we were able to ecuse ourselves to go freshen up. and get a drink.