Monday, November 26, 2012

Episode 47: You're in the Lifestyle and you didn't even know

A quick update...

Are you in the lifestyle and don't even know it?

odds and ends: side benefits of being in the LS

The staycation party idea. You and four of your closest friends hanging at your house.  Hire someone to come in and make breakfast?

Going to Desire with Swingercast, March 23 - 30.  More details at

Episode music: Florida pop stalwarts The Black Kids bring it with "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" off 2008's Partie Traumatic.  Add them to your playlist!  (The Cemetery Lips EPs is pretty rad too.)


  1. Have you considered a 'service submissive' - someone (typically a male) who gets off on non-sexually serving (typically a domme-like female..or females) performing the tasks you seek for your 'staycation'?

    Such a sub would need to be comfortable with a group (including men) being present...and the men would need to be cool with it as well.

    FetLife and/or CollarMe would be one place to'd definitely be venturing into Kink Country if you go down this road...

  2. Really missing the podcast. I think you asked in your last one (or the one before?) if your listeners would like to hear you just sort of riff even if you didn't have a specific topic. The answer from at least one of us is YES!

    Personally, I could listen to Mrs. Swapfu read the dictionary all day, but maybe that's just me...