Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Need More Feedback!

In Episode 48 we solicited listener feedback for discussion in our next show.  We asked you to send us one thing your partner does in the lifestyle that you find annoying or just generally pisses you off.  We all have them... let's talk about it!

Well... let's just say listener response has been less than overwhelming.  This leads me to believe most of you didn't even get to the part of the show where we asked for the feedback... it was toward the end of the 90-minute episode.

Anyway... if you have a moment, leave us some feedback!  All responses will be kept strictly confidential. You can do this any of three ways:

  1. As an anonymous comment to this blog post.  (Yes, we allow anonymous comments.)
  2. As an email to swapfu@gmail.com
  3. As a voice to 609-3SWAPFU
Don't be shy!


  1. It really annoys me that: my spouse has become a 'size queen' and is seemingly only interested in couples pairings in which the fella is VERY well endowed. I'm 'high average' and am normally very secure in what I bring to the table, but...

    Is it normal that I feel insecure and a little peeved...especially since we've "passed" on couples with ladies to whom I've been VERY attracted? Is it considered taking one for the team to ask a spouse to "settle" for less than porn-star huge?

  2. My wife allows/engages in types of sex (rough(ish), anal, etc.) that she rarely, if ever, engages in with me. I find this annoying as I would love to get into those types of acts. Am I being too sensitive if she has preferences with other lovers different from those she has with me?

  3. Since we opened things up, we've experienced so many awesome lifetime 'firsts.' that it's really hard to complain about anything exclusively lifestyle-related. If there were one annoyance, though, it would be the same as in the rest of our life: Lateness. I feel it is extremely disrespectful to others to be late for dates, etc. Also, impulsive last-minute attempts to get together with people seems disrespectful as well.

  4. When at LS on premiss clubs, my wife is super picky as to who we hook up with. Although when we find our selfs in the play room she not so picky. Of coure she decideds who we play with and I'm fine with that. Just seems a little snub.

  5. A great addition to your playroom...the perfect place to wait until the sex swing is vacant!!

  6. My partner (wife) is pushing/pressuring me into engaging in "lite" bi activities, i.e bottom half of a '69' while she's being railed, but I'm nervous about being ostracized from our local swinger community - typically not very accepting of male bisexuality. How do I please her without getting us tossed from the club(s)? I'm tired of being accused of being a stick-in-the-mud when all I really want to do is not jeopardize what we already have...

  7. Ooh like the topic. What annoys me (mildly) about my spouse and the lifestyle is that she moves so fast. She will be sucking touge with the other guy before me and the guys wife have established that we are really interested in playing. She is flirty.. and I do love that about her. I just would prefer that she slow down a bit for me.. or attack the other Ms first (which she has started to do).

  8. The most annoying thing my wife does is get comfortable and flirty (and more) more quickly than I. In reality, I am annoyed that I am the more reserved and introverted one. She is the worlds greatest wingman, but sometimes leaves me in the dust. Again, this just shows me that I need to jump in and engage more quickly.

    So, the most annoying thing my wife does is lovingly prod me along to let loose and enjoy more. Damn, some guys just can't catch a break! :-;

  9. Better late than never, right?

    What annoys me the most thus far in the lifestyle is that my wife takes forever to let loose but once she does she just goes TOP SPEED without looking both ways before she crosses the next road.

    For example, we went to a club, she dressed conservatively which is fine... She was too shy to flirt and grope publicly with ME. We hit it off with a couple and before I knew it she is topless making out with the other husband and next thing I know we are going to the play area. Luckily the other people were a good match for us and we all had a great time but we just went from 0 to 100 in zero - point - three seconds.