Monday, January 27, 2014

Episode 54: Never a Place for Complacency

Endless gratitude to our listeners for sticking with us all this time!!

What's up?

  • So long Club Prestige! Better to have two clubs than one.
  • A vanilla New Years Eve
  • Mr and Ms Swap Fu alternate off-nights at a couple events
  • Feeding the community by introducing people
  • There's more swingers out there than you think
  • FACT Check: There are 470,000 households in San Antonio not 60,000. It is estimated that one in 200 couples swing. 23,000 swinging couples in San Antonio? Can this be?

  • After four years we still need to keep communicating and be careful with what you take for granted.
  • An expanding after party gets sprung on FuGrrl: Auto Stress Mode!
  • We had a disconnect at a party -- when to leave? Forgot to check in. Beware of physical discomfort in uncomfortable situations.
Odds and Ends
  • Should we have a Swinger Super Bowl Party? What are your sexy Super Bowl memories?
  • Is it selfish not to help a couple enter the lifestyle because you don't want them around?
  • Much love to SA Pervs and their excellent Black Friday Pub Crawl
  • Love to T and M for the super-fun semi-lifestyle cookie exchange
  • Love to Twattwirler and congrats to M on her RN!
  • Love to Los Swingers! Thank you for visiting us once again!
  • O5 was a raging success; triple blowjob, still unfulfilled
  • Doing business with swingers... the naked network
  • Girls Uncorked simply continues to rock
  • Trojan Supras are terrible!
Episode song "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities off the album In A Tidal Wave of Mystery


  1. Just wondering where your fact check got 1 in 200 couples are swingers? I have always seen the number more like 2-4%. Even at 2%, that would be 1 in 50, it would be 9400 swinging couples. BTW, you missed a digit in your calculations - you should have had 2300, not 23000.

    1. Yeah, my numbers got kind of wonky there. Sorry about that. I'm not a demographer.

      Wikipedia says there are 15 million swingers in the US. If there are 314 million people in the US, that means 4.7% of the population swings. There are 1.4 million people in San Antonio Metro. Without correcting for age distributions, etc., that means there are 67,000 swingers in San Antonio. That sounds way high. So... who knows??