Saturday, February 7, 2015

Episode 64: Stinky Boundary Talk

This and that...

  • It's a New Year and people still celebrate Kwanzaa!
  • Threesome Etiquette? Nope.
  • We're talking about the FUNCH! What the fuck is a Funch? It involves a spa robe and jewelry... and a no show.
  • Sound complaints. We're trying!
  • We took a chance and had the Girls Uncorked couples party at our house. It was a success!
  • Swinger Santa sighting!
  • Swinger Zombies? Of course! Zombie Dildo?

Get to the point...

  • Ms Fu and I discuss a reddit post on breaking rules. What are your rules based on? Are they trust exercises or are they based on something concrete?
Parting thoughts and feedback...

  • SDC party broadcast invitation calamity! Don't use SDC with an iPad.
  • Kasidie -- you're not off the hook for your fiasco!
  • Advances in the female condom
  • We share our 2015 swinger objectives
  • Listener mail! Should we interview an older couple about breaking into the lifestyle
  • Stick around for Stinky Sunday Sex
Relevant to our discuss on boundaries, our episode song is "The Business of Emotion (feat. White Sea)" by Big Data. Get it wherever fine music is sold.

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