Friday, June 5, 2015

Episode 68: Lifestyle Awareness All Up Your Thing

Trying to keep this one under an hour!

  • Monkey's form cliques! But do they party? Maybe. But they don't share information.
  • The book I referred to was "You Are Not So Smart"
  • MILFapalooza -- Moms, moms, moms!
    • My Mexican Mother Recipe
      • Shake 1 oz 100% Agave Tequila, 1 oz Deep Eddy Grapefruit and a dash of Tabasco with ice. Serve on the rocks or straight up
  • Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day! Ms Fu reaches out to everyone spending their first one without a mom or dad.
  • We had a Passion Party. Big fun! We bought a We-Vibe.
What's Coming?
  • Going to Naughty in N'Awlins! You should too!
    • Taking measures to make it more events this year.
  • SOS Party!
  • Sunday Pool Days are kicking off!
  • Thanks for all the invitations! Nashville and Omaha!
  • Hot husband is a thing, I guess. Details please!
  • Find out about HUMP! Our producers are the super hot cover people!
  • We've Got a Thing podcast. They talk about Do You Know George. Check it out!
  • Pile Play isn't a thing, even in England.
  • Girls Uncorked couples party!
  • Senior Sizzle!
Get your Summer shaking with our choice of Episode Music "My Type" by Saint Motel. Dance this weekend!


  1. OMG! A swinger awareness organization! I had a similar thought several years ago, tried to gauge any interest in swinging forums at the time, and was so berated by some long time swingers that I felt that I had just outted all of them - they were that down-right cruel and rude.

    I think that this is a terrific idea. It doesn't have to result in anyone being outted that doesn't want to be. I thought that going the non-profit organization route would be the best way as then those in the community could donate, receive tax-deductions for it, and remain as closeted as they desired. Yet the org could raise money to create ads for social media initially. Then ads could also be made for the regular media. Eventually lobbying could be done to remove the legal restrictions in cities and states.

    Most of the org would function with volunteers, just like Komen, etc. with only a few, very moderately paid leaders. It might be possible to seek donations from swing clubs, swing friendly retail companies, resorts, and other companies/groups that are invested in the lifestyle itself already.

    I would be interested in discussing the idea.


  2. I found the answer about the Lifestyle Awareness. Check this out as it does not compromise anyone and it really goes looking for the purpose of this podcast. Hope you like it.