Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Episode 72: Swinging is the New Normal

You want notes? Here's your damn notes!
  • We're getting older -- but glasses? Really?
  • FuGrrl plugs her ladies-only kik group
  • Google image search your private photos to make sure people can't find your vanilla profiles
  • Traveling for swinger events in beach towns
  • Going to Pittsburgh for the Cowboys-Steelers
  • Birthday Pub Crawl! The night before a Longhorns game means -- tons of drunks!
  • Happy Birthday John from Swingercast
  • DNA testing? Turns out were swingers. Who knew?
  • Renewed interest in the Black Ring -- Cheap shit from China!
  • Swinging is our new normal
  • More comments on misbehaving vanillas -- people are the spectrum
  • A wife asks a man how he thinks they stack up against others couples -- that's not swinging, that's Facebook
  • Tips for breaking up with people in the lifestyle: and we have our own take as well
  • Interviewing people is tricky
  • Proposed Q and A: Newbie and Experienced couples
  • SA Perv's meet and greet this Saturday and  SA Perv's Black Friday pub crawl! (Check SDC and Kasidie)
  • OktoberFUst 2016 is coming!
  • Listen to us mix drinks! Tweaking the setup for fewer edits!
Episode Song is "Cover Me Up" by Pittsburgh stalwarts Rusted Root. (No I didn't want to play the *other* song. You're welcome.)

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  1. We smile listening to you both chat and laugh! We love you Fu s!!! Kisses!