Sunday, February 10, 2019

Episode 78: Ageism and Other Bad Ways to Avoid Getting to Know People

Los Apuntes (The Notes)

  • We're still in Mexico City recording Take 2 of this podcast. Making better for you, Swinger!
  • Guess what? We got stood up again. Make that lucky number 7. We did get a chance to check out a great bar, so it wasn't all bad. Check it out if you're ever in CDMX: El Diente de Oro. If you know CDMXCPLLKNG4U on SDC, ask them why they stood us up?
  • Who outed Roger Stone? Where's Jeff Bezos dick when you need it? Are there more Republicans or Democrats in the lifestyle and why?
  • According to Reddit, many more single women are attending LS clubs. Maybe it's because women are having fewer kids
  • Mr. Fu whines about Reddit. Basement dwelling masturbators. Why can't I just stop using it?
  • And finally, the topic: Ageism in the Lifestyle
    • Are they too young or too juvenile?
    • Don't assume you weren't excluded because of your age.
    • Hard age limits are probably not great constraints -- think compatibility.
    • In Mexico, elitism is a big deal.
    • Bottom line, not everyone gets invited to everything.
  • Headed to Vancouver, Canada. March 2 - June 8.
    • Also visiting Seattle! The Saffire Club is on our list.
    • We're going to see the Pixies and a couple Canucks games. Interested? Hit us up.
    • Beers, meet and greets and so on.
  • We got drunk with Swingercast this week. Thanks for visiting guys! Safe travels.
  • We're attending a Valentines Day swinger play party -- very excited about this.
  • Talk to you from Vancouver!
No music yet -- still getting my production chops back. Sorry.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Episode 77: Far and Away

Show notes
  • Memba us?
  • Talking about swinging as transients
  • Why Mexico?
  • How did we break into swinging here?
  • El Grupo on WhatsApp
  • SDCand SwingLiving are the two big websites in Mexico City
  • Apartment swinging
  • Swinger clubs in Mexico
  • Trying to get things going in Mexico City
  • Temptations vs Desire
  • A nomad laments and laments and laments
  • Going to Vancouver, eh?
  • Airbnb forever!
  • But yes, we're still alive
No music this time folks!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Episode 76: FuGrrl's Got a Brand New Bzzzzz

We're exhausted -- hope we don't sound too tired.

Thanks for all the well wishes!

Nice meeting the Cunninghams. Hi to LG Fun Couple!

We'll be at the Lifestyle Lounge takeover of Desire Riviera Maya from March 4 - 11

Here we go Steelers!

Welcome to football talk with Mr and Ms Swap Fu

FuGrrl's New Toy
We're going to randomly wear the costumes we have at Desire

We discuss porn preferences. What should FuGrrl watch?

Mr Fu loves Kate Winslet

Watch Pittsburgh Dad!

Guys with Super Hot wives?

People have a hard time taking compliments in the LS. Can you ask them beforehand?

Should you hire LS friends?

What's wrong with MyFace? (Our monthly Facebook rant)

We're going to Desire in March 4 - 12 for the Lifestyle Lounge takeover. Are you?

Make America Swing Again!

Episode Song is "She's Out of Her Mind" by Poway's Blink-182. We'll miss you, San Diego!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Episode 75: FuGrrl Does Not Know I Am That Greek Asshole

  • Drunk Alert! If you're triggered by slurred speech, skip this episode.
  • Bitching and moaning and groaning into the last episode of the year.
  • Absolute Wild Tea? Tasty!!
  • Why Mr Fu hates Mariachis.
  • We got hacked by some Russian fucking guy!
  • Check out Regus for all your virtual office needs -- we use em!
  • We go off on good tech support and the trouble with the expectations of Mac users.
  • General demoted for swinging? That's not the whole story.
  • Black Ring Success Story! Get your black ring from the 22kill organization. Yes, it's fine.
  • FuGrrl listens to the Average Swingers podcast!
  • Mr Fu interviewing out of state -- Snoqualmie, maybe.
  • Going to miss the house! How do you get the party started without a heated pool?
  • Why do people keep fucking dying?
  • Pittsburgh Dad is the best.
  • The Body Shop in Pittsburgh is having New Years Eve party!
  • Jerry Jones is a goddamn 74-year-old nightmare
  • FuGrrl discusses the ClitBit (patent pending).
  • Parents parents parents
  • Mr Fu was way too drunk this episode -- The song I meant to sing was this one:
  • Happy New Year!
Episode Song is FuGrrl's favorite Christmas tune "Please Come Home for Christmas" by The Eagles

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Episode 74: Pittsburgh -- A Drunken Plan Comes Together

Not too many notes this time --
This is so gross:

Chili Cookoff! You never know where a pot of chili might take you. Won the chili cookoff at a local bar. Got the t-shirt!

Andy's First Responder Chili Recipe
4 lbs ground beef

Add and sauté til clear:
1 onion
4 cloves garlic

Add and sauté:
2 tlbs chili powder

1 24oz jar medium salsa
1 bottle beer

Simmer in crockpot overnight.

kidney beans (cook 2 lbs dry kidney beans, don't use canned)
1 bottle beer

Last 30 minutes before service add:
1 small can chipotle peppers chopped
2 tlbs chili powder
1 tlbs cumin
1 tlbs knorr beef flavor granulated bullion

Pittsburgh! A drunken plan comes to pass!
We review The Burgh and The Body Shop Swinger Club. We really liked it!
Don't stay at the Hotel Monaco
Eat at Peppi's
Go to Yinzers
Go Steelers!
Go weed girl!

Trump wins! Fuck!

Girl Uncorked. Changes on the way.

After the AFF hack. A call to swinger websites. Get your shit together!

Black Friday Pub Crawl!!

In a nod to my proto-punk youth, this Episode's Song is "Duchess" by The Stranglers. I sincerely hope you love it!!


Monday, October 31, 2016

Episode 73: Scary Fun-Employment

(I later realized the Steelers had a bye this week.)

It's election time in the US!
Stolen yard signs!
At least this didn't happen
Are a couple beers with lunch considered Day Drinking
Why Mr Fu became a Democrat... not that you asked
Darth Trump on Auralnauts is actually pretty clever!
Politics free Sunday Funday
Seriously I was trying to stop talking politics -- I'm sorry
Get money out of politics!!

Mr. Fu gets laid off! Need a consultant?
More lunchtime sex! More internet!
Mr. Swap Fu's Chili Recipe is available for the right price
Anthony Wiener needs to lose his phone
No one reads anymore -- so why am I writing this?

Mr Fu and FuGrrl talk about old ass candy
Scaring neighborhood kids is a civil right
Mr Fu is the good one -- so yes I wore white
FuGrrl suffers so much!

Glasses Talk
Cheap glasses?! FuGrrl needed a source
They have a cool tool to see what your glasses would look like on
Is it DP or PD? DP it is!

Topic Time
Calling dibs? Can it be done?
Black rings in the wild? On a basketball coach?
Shout outs to couples in Germany and Singapore
Sorry -- I didn't send out the email in time -- I will get in touch with your soon, promise!
The story of Harry, Sally, Bob and Alice -- and the Fu's get the W!
Apropos of nothing, where is Charlie Sheen?
Bemoaning the three-couple dynamic
Play early. Party late.

Girls Uncorked!
FuGrrl is passing the torch as the GUC San Antonio hostess after more than four years
All swinger women welcome:

Going to Pittsburgh! November 10 - 14
Go Steelers!!
We want to see the driverless Ubers

All our previous Episodes are available on at

Episode Song is "Heathens" by Columbus' Twenty One Pilots

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Episode 72: Swinging is the New Normal

You want notes? Here's your damn notes!
  • We're getting older -- but glasses? Really?
  • FuGrrl plugs her ladies-only kik group
  • Google image search your private photos to make sure people can't find your vanilla profiles
  • Traveling for swinger events in beach towns
  • Going to Pittsburgh for the Cowboys-Steelers
  • Birthday Pub Crawl! The night before a Longhorns game means -- tons of drunks!
  • Happy Birthday John from Swingercast
  • DNA testing? Turns out were swingers. Who knew?
  • Renewed interest in the Black Ring -- Cheap shit from China!
  • Swinging is our new normal
  • More comments on misbehaving vanillas -- people are the spectrum
  • A wife asks a man how he thinks they stack up against others couples -- that's not swinging, that's Facebook
  • Tips for breaking up with people in the lifestyle: and we have our own take as well
  • Interviewing people is tricky
  • Proposed Q and A: Newbie and Experienced couples
  • SA Perv's meet and greet this Saturday and  SA Perv's Black Friday pub crawl! (Check SDC and Kasidie)
  • OktoberFUst 2016 is coming!
  • Listen to us mix drinks! Tweaking the setup for fewer edits!
Episode Song is "Cover Me Up" by Pittsburgh stalwarts Rusted Root. (No I didn't want to play the *other* song. You're welcome.)