Monday, March 15, 2010

The first date that wasn't

Ms Swap Fu and I started recording a new podcast last Tuesday night. It was supposed to recount our experience with our first date with another couple. We met them on SDC, exchanged a couple e-mails and they seemed like a good match. The long and the short of it is that we were stood up. Nice, right? Here we are, just barely dipping our toes (and other appendages ;) into the swinger waters and we get stood up, something that never happened to us in our single lives. Crushing!

So, after waiting at the agreed-upon location for more than 40 minutes, we decided to call the number we were given. No answer. It was the male half's mobile and we did not leave a message. Why feed a troll, right? Later that evening, we received an e-mail from (supposedly) the female half saying that the reason they didn't show up was because the male half forgot to remind her of the date. So, just to be straight, they BOTH knew about the date. I do not know what's sadder; that even with two of them, they still miss appointments, or that the female half thinks she can absolve herself for any blame in the matter by saying it was the male's responsibility to keep her schedule.

Ms Swap Fu and I went on and on for about about 30 minutes in the podcast about what had happened. What if we had kids and had had to arrange for a siter? What if we were completely new to the lifestyle, anxious and apprehensive and had this happen? The conversation turned pretty negative pretty quick as you can imagine.

Since neither of us think that our reaction to this situation represents they way we generally feel about the lifestyle, we've opted to not post this podcast. We are going out to the club this weekend and expect to have a great time. We've decided to spare our listeners the bad vibes and hopefully post something positive next week. I'm sure we will touch on the fact that we were stood up in the podcast but, since more than a week will have passed by then, I'm sure our perspective will be more measured.

Until then, have a great week. Your friend, Mr Swap Fu!!

ps. I'm positively green with Envy at all the lucky couples heading to Desire next week. Have a great time folks! We'll get there eventually, and It. Will. Be. On. lol

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