Saturday, March 6, 2010


I was pleasantly surprised when John from the Swingercast was the Swap Fu's first Twitter follower. Now, from his podcast you can tell is a great guy, and I'm sure he follows us as a courtesy because we follow him. Still, it make us feel accepted at some level.

Last night he tweeted that he liked our first Episode. All we can say is we're very honored, the material comes from the heart, and we hope the our excitement and joy at being in the lifestyle comes across half as well as it does in the Swingercast. I've been listening to the Swingercast for some time now, and honestly, it is the reason why I felt confident that Ms Swap Fu and I would find community in organized swinging. John and Allie's accounting of their adventures in the lifestyle have paved a way for us and many others to follow.

John and Allie: keep the great podcasts coming! Producing podcasts in not a trivial undertaking. We recognize and appreciate your efforts.

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