Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Episode 24: Two Swingers Realign or The Boobie Game Examined

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  1. Mr Swap Fu is a Texas Nerd, so we talk about BBQ Tech
  2. Praise to the informed Swingers out there
  3. Swinger dating sites are an under-utilized resource
  4. The swinger dating sites need better travel discussion modules
  5. Will Swap Fu ever speak at a swinger takeover event?
  6. Will Swap Fu ever GO to a swinger takeover?
  7. Making time for our vanilla friends
  8. The Return to the "Other Club".  How did it go?
  9. The Fu's discuss the Boobie Game and propose a theory about why it exists.
  10. Did we tell you always have to have Plan B?

It's our last episode before Mardi Gras!  Episode music, "Here to Stay" by the Rebirth Brass Band


  1. I found your description of the Boobie Game interesting, as it doesn't seem to exist in our swing community.

    As a bi woman that pretty much dragged her partner into this so she could play with girls, I have to say I find it a little unsettling that the straight women would be expected to play Boobie Game as part of the bonding that goes on between the women.

    It is definitely the case that the women do all the talking at our local club, while the men are shy and don't say much. I do appreciate the imperative for the women to get comfortable with each other and to have control in these situations.

    But on the other hand, sometimes I feel like the men are too damn quiet and so I don't have much opportunity to make a connection with them until we hit the bedroom.

    So Mr. Swap Fu, please don't stop chatting up the ladies; some of them will appreciate having said more than two words to you before being asked to fuck you.

    And Mrs Swap Fu, perhaps it will interest you to know that not all swinging scenes rely on the Boobie Game for female bonding. Conversation works too.

  2. 'Really enjoyed your comment! And you're right. The conversation alone is really getting me a long way to bonding in larger social settings. I'm enjoying it as well. :)

    Guys being too quiet/passive in the lifestyle has been in past discussions. We agree! But since I've been chatting up the ladies, I haven't noticed the quiet guys so much. lol