Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Episode 27: What Guy Do You Want to Be, Swinger?

In this short episode we discuss last weekend's date and swinger club visit.  We discuss the pitfalls of being in a busy group room and the importance of focusing on play-partner.

It was Mr Havana's birthday and we were very happy to celebrate with him and his beautiful wife.

Mr Swap Fu has seriously cut back his drinking... we discuss the benefits and the difference between partying and swinging.  Yes, there is a difference.

Episode music is "Follow your Bliss" by the B-52s.  Few things are as satisfying as helping those around you attain their own bliss.

Click here to download this episode. :)

1 comment:

  1. We like you both, but if we had known you were bloggers, it may have influenced our decision to swing with you.

    Although names were not mentioned in your blog, we believe it would have been common courtesy if you had asked us for permission to discuss the events of the evening, particularly considering that our assessment of the evening’s events were different than yours in various areas.

    Mr. “Out of Town” is always intense as you indicated, but your assessment of him being uptight was unfair and certainly had a negative connotation. Although we met once briefly at a club in the past, the dinner was the first time all four of us had ever spent time together. To expect Mr. “Out of Town” to immediately accept you and feel completely comfortable was a bit unreasonable.

    Conversely, as you both said, Ms. “Out of Town” is quite the beauty and charmer. Perhaps you expected both of our demeanors to be identical?

    Ms. Swap FU, did you consider the possibility that Mr. “Out of Town” wasn’t feeling the “fireworks” either? Further, Ms “Out of Town’s perspective on her experience with Mr. Swap FU is not quite the same as was articulated in the blog’s dialog.

    It wasn't a bad night for us by any means. We had a great time and enjoyed meeting all the new people. Bottom line is that if you were going to accurately and fairly blog about the evening’s events, you may have considered soliciting our input to compliment yours.