Sunday, April 24, 2011

Episode 28: A Story of Spilled Lube and Beads for the Leather Daddies

  1. Some shout outs:
    1. Check out this blog: A Swinging Good Time
    2. Thank you for the first cool Moon Party
    3. Still going to the Guadalupe River Trip. Are you?
  2. Please remember to include location and age in your emails and voicemails to us.
  3. Interview with the Havanas postponed. The questions we asked them are:
    1. What we your initial reservation regarding entering the lifestyle?
    2. What new reservations have there been since entering?
    3. What would you like to do next?
    4. What advice would you give to people considering entering the lifestyle?
  4. Breaking away from a high-pressure situation (house party invitation)
  5. Mr Swap Fu needs to relearn to break the ice -- post-female bonding maneuvers in the dark.
  6. Austin is where they keep the hotness.
  7. An inauspicious return to San Antonio Players.
  8. Don't Google IMrL while at work AKA our return to Chicago
Episode music "Queen of Apologies" by The Sounds. Selected because I'm still waiting for my apology from a certain couple... so it goes.

1 comment:

  1. Our initial reservations were:
    1. What about if we bump into someone we know, what are they going to think about us?
    2. Do you think the Lifestyle could affect our work?
    3. How about if you find someone better than me?
    4. Is it legal to be in these kinds of clubs?
    5. How are we going to say no, if something gets to hot or gets out of control?
    New reservations:
    1. Do you think everyone is healthy here?
    2. How about if someone gets very jealous and start a fight in the middle of a good moment?
    3. What about if we bump into someone we know, what are they going to think about us?
    4. Can you imagine our kids getting to know what we are doing
    To do next:
    1. Keep a good shape and trying to be fit to have good fun with selected couples.
    2. Be fun, be safe, be smart.
    3. Always go with the flow and never rush into something that is not for us.
    1. Do on to others what you would like for you.
    2. Respect, Trust, Sexy
    3. Probably just 40% has claim the Kilimanjaro, but I bet 90% has thought about the chances to see the world from the top. Success if for those who dare.
    4. Danger is everywhere, manage the risk, and manage your life.