Sunday, June 5, 2011

Episode 31: Don't assume you're both on the same page. Teaching swingers to take a break before the sex.

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  2. Always, thank you to our awesome listeners and twitter followers
Fu News
  1. Naked Condom’s $56 dozen.  Naked Foundation
  2. Wii Dare you to buy this game. More info
Related to Friends First, Fuck First.  Is it a Part II?:
Thank you to the listeners for supplying topic.  How to touch base in the middle of the date to pull the handbrake, or on the positive, let your partner know you want to escalate.
  1. Make a Plan and a Plan B
  2. Make a communication plan, set a time
    1. At club
      1. Say hi to friend
      2. Talk to DJ, bartender
    2. At date
      1. Text your partner from bathroom
      2. Leg squeeze
  3. Make it clear that you do not necessarily play on the first date
  4. Limit pre-date conversation: Front-loading date too much
Where are we going?
  1. River Trip June 24 - 26

We are featuring the song "Breathe" by Telepopmusik as the episode song because we took a short breather away from the podcast to rethink a few things regarding how we were producing it. Yes, this was Version 2 of this recording... Version 1 ran off the rails and we decided to give it another shot after a soggy but fun Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. Telepopmusik is an amazing band from France. Yes! France! We love that enigmatic country. Check them out here. If you like them, please buy their album, like we did. :)

1 comment:

  1. Listening to your episodes again, there is so much to learn.
    Señor and Señora Swinger have a pre-party ritual that helps us a lot physically and emotionally.
    At around 6pm we take a 20 minute aromatherapy bath.
    We have read that there are certain essential oils that help to keep us in the mood, plus they help us get energized and ready.
    We use rosemary and spruce to support the adrenal glands (happy adrenals = good sex performance) and jasmine for its aphrodisiac properties
    While in the tub, we drink a natural energy drink to get well hydrated, something with Guarana or Guayusa or Acai Berry. And that's when we take the time to think about what's coming, what to expect, what not to expect, etc.
    As we become more experienced, we can also foresee certain scenarios that we didn't know could come up.
    After the bath we are smelling heavenly, and we are ready physically and emotionally.
    Thank you not only for sharing your experiences but your wise advice to newbies and experts alike.
    Señora Swinger