Friday, November 11, 2011

Episode 38: What's Been Bugging the Fu's

Shout outs to long haul truckers, Australian travelers and (Great website!!)

What's been bugging the Fu's?
Learning to embrace age differences
Different Swinging Styles
And being in the moment... (Thank you Doris!)
Also... Halloween Party recap!

We're going to the Moon Party at Pace Bend Park... come join us!!

Episode Music "Never Saw the Point" by Cults.  Awesome music. :)

Sorry for our audio problems... damn USB mics are giving me fits on my slow laptop.


  1. Great podcast and topics! We are 44 and completely agree. By a slow process we have decided we swing best with people +/- 10 years our age, in part because we swing the same. Do the younger/hipsters swap/f**k or just party?

  2. We have a lesbian couple at our table, would you like to join us? Or Do you like shots?
    Ha ha ha, that is so awesome, nice way to start a conversation when you had it right there, hey would you like to show me your corset now or at our table, I am sure my wife would love to see it so her friends too.
    O well what am I saying, when we are same kind of folks, being dancing close to a great looking couple several times and she goes, stop staring at them when they are the ones looking at us. In the end we all are shy, especially when you like what you see and you think you don’t fit.
    We have been in the lifestyle for more than 4 years and it keeps intimidating to get close to someone and just start a conversation, though the times we have done it, wow babe we have had just a great time. So don’t be shy and say hi, hello at least. LOL.

    About your topics:
    Age: I have seen a guy 45 or 47 banging a little girl 28 at the most in a way she was just asking for mercy and more. Personally the youngest we have gone is 10 or 12 yrs down our age and 5 over.

    Be in the moment: ties into be shy and been compatible, if you are with someone you feel above you, you see stars, if you are with someone below you, you will find it hard to get it hard. If you are with the right one, you will find friends for long time.
    Finding someone through the

    internet: we have more than 200 contacts in our msn, met some of them and had a good time, but never because the internet. Always at the club, so do you really need to pay for Kasidy, AFF or any of those to sites?

    Differences in swinging?: Nope there is no such thing, either you are or you are not, anything else is just a voyeur, which is ok as well, just be honest.

    Question for the ladies: Is it true that most women like to see their male in action?