Monday, November 28, 2011

Episode 39: Female Ejaculation -- Female Empowerment or Just a Clumsy Clinical Term

Hang in there for fun! -- Photo courtesy of Cliff and Jaime

What did the Fu do?
  1. Full Moon Party
  2. Photo shoot: The beauty and the... where did he go?
  3. Thanksgiving vs Friends Giving vs Black Friday
  4. Enjoying having friends over
  5. Guy with the hat update
  6. We had an anniversary.  Thank you for the well wishes
  1. Ms Swap Fu wants to learn more about female ejaculation
  2. Squirting? Prevalence
Shout Out
Safety first! -- Photo courtesy of Cliff and Jaime
  1. Sex swing camouflage pictures! Thank you Cliff and Jaime for the awesome photos.
  2. The Fu loves "The League" watch it on Netflix
  3. Blog comment regarding younger swingers and whether or not they ever get down to business.  They did at 4 AM after the pub crawl
  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  5. Support Planned Parenthood this holiday season!
I can't believe it's taken us this long to feature a song by Future Islands! We've been listening to this band pretty much non-stop for the last few months. This episode's song is "Walking Through that Door" on the album In Evening Air. Learn more about this excellent band at


    1. Hey! Recently discovered the Fu Podcast. I represent one half of a young swinger couple in NYC. You two are so clever/hilarious/intelligent and are now my new favorite podcast!

    2. Hi guys,
      Since you put so much effort in giving us a great entertainment while our commute, spare time or any other activity, I decided to put something with a bit of thought at least for your readers as well, and since I am not that great into English, please fill free to correct my spelling and/or grammar.
      A bit too late, but happy anniversary, well done Mr and Mrs Swap Fu, we will be celebrating our 20th mid December and not that far from your age, actually we both are a year older than Mr. Fu and from the same city he was born in, ha ha ha. Furthermore, for her voice and her way, I think about my tias when I hear Mrs. Fu, Creepy tia. XO XO XO.
      Well enough of flirting and right to the subject, Female Ejaculation. Big topic, well done, there is nothing wrong with your comments Mr. Fu, in fact I have a question, Do you like better when the woman that you are with ejaculates or when she doesn’t? Be honest, because as far as I know, all the guys that my wife has been with, they love it. I think is like that sense of pride a woman feels when she makes her guy to cum. To me is the assurance that the woman that I am with was really satisfied.
      When I was young checking into the Penthouse, Playboy and Hustler magazines they use to say that the way you can see she is satisfied is if she sweats, but there is nothing like seeing her cuming, gushing from the pleasure you provided her.
      I think every lady into the lifestyle should be a gusher, as she has gone too far in opening herself up to the maximum pleasure a guy can offer to a woman. Even at moments when everyone is down and dirty and my wife tries to refrain herself because of shame, she gets encouraged and I think just to see her enjoying that moment provides everyone a better big O.
      She started even when we were dating years ago, but never realized that a woman is able to ejaculate more than 4 times in less than an hour until we got in the lifestyle. Today the maximum that I have seen her cuming in a sex session is 8 times, each one of them is just fantastic, amazing to see her enjoyment, highly recommended.
      Ok but how to get there, I think the first thing is that she has to be completely comfortable relaxed and letting her go into a deep stimulation without thinking what is around her or if this is like pie, ha ha ha, no, it is not funny, just let yourself go into a deep relaxed stimulation, feel your vagigy and clit and let it work it out, think about him having fun with another girl for some time and keep your stimulation, like a long long long and happy masturbation and keep it coming, now imagine him with two girls while you are with your big Adonis, see yourself holding hands with him while you enjoy a deep long lasting penetration, and forget about this is like pie, or the mess you are going to do, or . . . . just keep it focus until you really cum, just as prevention put some towels underneath.
      Ok Mr. Fu if you want to help, tell her these kinds of stories while in bed and masturbate her, a cup of wine or beer before will help. Once achieved for the first time, many more to come is easy. A nice position when making love is she on her back at the edge of the bed, legs up and you thrusting and rubbing your head against her top side of the vagigy just inside back of her clit, that is the famous G spot.
      I am not a doctor, physiology guru or someone with any kind of anatomy culture, but I have enjoyed many times the fluid from her squirt and I don’t think that can be anything like pie. She has flooded more than one towel, my side bed and many things and if that thing was to be pie, my hole bedroom would be a stinky place, so girls start learning because ultimately is like an orgasm to a guy, you can see when it is for real or fake.

    3. Anonymous #1 ~ Thank you for listening. We love being your favorite! If you get the chance, tell us more about swinging in NYC. What's it like swinging in the most populous city in the US? Is the swinging community as busy as the bustling streets? Do tell. :) Ms. Fu

    4. Anonymous Comment #2 ~ Puuur. I'm working towards that. More discussion regarding your comment in the next Pcast. ;) Thank you for taking your time to write. Delicious!

    5. Hey Fus, we love your podcast! Just to note. Our son worked the eye lag/screw bolt out of our ceiling joist with his hammock swing. And got 12 stitches when his face hit the floor...he liked to swing face down. We re-bolted it with an eye bolt clear through the joist and double nutted it in the room above. One nut can spin free. Two keeps it all tight. We're sure you two screw more than our small son swung! Just sayin' LOL ! Your biggest Seattle fans,
      Debbie and Mike

    6. Mr. & Mrs. Swap Fu:

      I really enjoy your podcast and just left a review for you on iTunes. I finally made it through all of your podcasts and love them. On the topic of female ejaculation, here my 2 cents. I used to see squirting in movies and think it was fake or that there were a lucky small percentage of women that were able to do this. My wife and I discussed this and both being doctors, decided to investigate it thoroughly just a few months ago. We started by reading all the research and studies that have been done to try to get a handle on the physiology involved. Next we watched Axel Braun's Squirting 101 movie to get information on the technique used. Finally, we watched a video and read the manual by Lisa Lawless called The Art of Female Ejaculation which does a good job of covering the female's experience and technique. Here is the Cliff Notes version of it all.

      The paraurethral ducts (aka skenes glands) surround the urethra and are analogous to the prostate in the male. When stimulation of the gspot occurs, these glands swell with fluid hence the swelling of the gspot as it becomes more prominent with stimulation. This fluid is what gets ejaculated by the female. The fluid empties into the urethra and can back up into the bladder if not expelled. Research of female ejaculation fluids does show some minor traces of urine which is to be expected since it comes from the urethra. Testing shows it is chemically different from urine and even contains PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) which was previously thought to be found only in males. This would seem to confirm that it comes from the skenes glands. Those that say all the fluid couldn't possibly come from such small glands need only think of your tear ducts. Those little suckers can pump out a lot of tears when someone is bawling.

      Technique (from Axel Braun's Squirting 101 video)
      As seen in the video, the middle and ring finger are inserted into the vagina and hook up to press into the gspot. The amount of force used in pretty strong and the motion is in an up and down fashion with the hooked fingers pressing up into the gspot. Check out the video for the technique.

      Female Aspect (The Art of Female Ejaculation)
      The reason I believe most women don't ejaculate is because they tend to clench their pelvic floor muscles (like a kegel) when they are excited or nearing orgasm. When the fluid builds up it can give the woman the feeling that she has to urinate. Many women will stop to go to the bathroom or clench up, preventing ejaculation. The woman should push out as if doing a reverse kegel at this time to facilitate ejaculation. Deep breathing can also be helpful as when you exhale forcefully you can do the reverse kegel at the same time.

      Our experience:
      She gushed the second or third time we tried this and has ejaculated several times since. The first time she left a puddle with at least a few ounces and within 10 minutes ejaculated again. Her ability to ejaculate seems to vary with her cycle. For us, she squirts most easily between her ovaluation and her period. She doesn't squirt as it is more like a gush. She doesn't seem to orgasm when this happens though. We haven't been able to synchronize the two as she needs to clench up in a kegel to reach orgasm. We're working on it though. The ejaculate is definitely not urine. It doesn't smell like urine or leave a stain. It tastes slightly sweet as well.

      That's our experience. The 2 keys are the finger placement and movement and the female pushing out. We were totally skeptical when we started this investigation but quickly found success. We now believe anyone can squirt with the proper knowledge and technique. You can do it Ms. Swapfu!

      Hope our experience helps! Looking forward to hearing about your success in a future podcast.

    7. Another excellent email response by a loyal listener... Thank you!!

      Part 1 of 2

      Hey SwapFus!
      I love your show!
      After listening to your last show about squirting, I was inspired to write the letter I have wanted to write to other podcasters, many of whom refer to themselves as sex educators but really miss the boat on squirting. I am not an expert, but I think I can offer a unique perspective as both a squirter and a care provider to disabled adults who, well, wet the bed differently than I do.
      Let’s begin at the beginning. What is the stuff? You read from information you on wiki that the source of the fluid continues to be a topic. I don’t know why as I know that I have heard from other sources (the Sex is Fun podcasters who cite actual research and author Sheri Winston in her book Anatomy of A Woman’s Arousal) that samples have been tested and have been found to contain prostatic cells among other things. This would make sense as the big theory is that our g-spots are made from the same tissue that creates the male prostate.
      One misinformed podcaster I have heard was squiked out by the fact that it comes from the urethra and contains some uric acid so therefore it must be pee, or partially pee. I think that we would have to conclude with this logic that sweat must also be pee because it contains uric acid. For all I know, breast milk contains uric acid.
      You were questioning about where it is stored in the body. The answer is in the g-spot. The person who is doing the stimulating can feel it changing size as it is filling and releasing. You can sometimes even hear it sloshing when my husband is working it.
      I have also heard that they have inserted dye into the bladder of women who squirt and so they were able to determine that it was not coming from the bladder.
      How do I know for sure that it isn’t pee? First, my mattress is unprotected. I thought squirting was a myth and before I started, I would never have needed to. So suddenly at the age of 43, my mattress received its first dousing. After that I began using layers of towels that would regularly get soaked through. I started using disposable bed pads, but they are small and on a prolific evening, they were not large enough to catch everything that was launched at them. I then, like your fellow podcaster Doris, began to try to make some liberty type protectors which work most of the time but I still occasionally end up with a wet spot when I get too close to the edge and some of my protectors have gotten holes in them. After this last year, I guarantee YOU WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO BREATHE in my bedroom if it were pee.
      I also conducted my own scientific studies. Back when I was using the disposable bed pads, I decided to find out how much I was expelling. Using a mail scale, I found that the largest quantity I ever measured was 6.6 ounces.
      It would be important for you to know that if I have to pee at all, I cannot come. It isn’t that I am afraid to, but I become too distracted and can’t. I have a really high orgasmic threshold and I am too distracted by having any urine in my bladder at all. I will often times be messing around with my husband and when we are about to get down, I put his hand on his wiener and tell him to keep that thing busy because I have to use the bathroom.

    8. Part 2 of 2

      Other things to note:
      You are always hearing that it feels like you have to pee. I find that this is occasionally true, mostly when my hubby is really knocking into the urethra that runs through the g-spot. But it doesn’t feel like you are peeing when you are actually squirting. You don’t get that zing like when you relax the muscles that release your bladder. It just feels like you’ve got fluid on the move.
      How does it feel? I know that some people consider squirting a g-spot orgasm. It really doesn’t feel like that to me. It feels like a bit of a rush, but none of the rhythmic goodness I associate with an orgasm I have with clit stimulation is there. When I do come when both my parts are being worked, that’s the bomb, literally. I can come absolutely silently when having a clit based orgasm or squirting separately. I really hate to have a blended orgasm if there is anyone else beside my husband and I in the house. He never has to ask if I came anymore.
      What does it take to squirt? Some pretty intense g-spot stimulation. My very kind hubby spent many hours over the years doing a nice polite come hither like they tell you to do. It did nothing. I often told him “honey, I just don’t think I have a g-spot.” It wasn’t until he rather aggressively began fucking me with a hard plastic toy that I finally did squirt. I have since gotten one of the stainless steel N-Joy Pure Wand and it is pretty much the only toy we use anymore. A podcast I had heard recently reviewed it and they said that it has changed lives. It sure has changed mine. That or one of Boris’s toys might be just the ticket for you.
      Something to beware of: I have heard of women being able to control weather they squirt, but I don’t seem to be able to do that, and I have tried. If we are using the toy, it is going to happen 100% of the time. With a softer toy or deep dicking with my hubby, it’s going to happen about 30-40% of the time. The only thing I can seem to do is prevent it from shooting out, but it still oozes out no matter what I do. It could complicate some swinging situations. Just something to consider before waking your sleeping giant.
      It sounds like from your description that you were about there. I think that with another visit with the Squirt Whisperer Guy and getting something under you so you can relax about it is what you need.
      Hope this helps!

    9. Hey Swap Fus, I had one other thought to add to my comments. if you do decide to try a toy you do need to careful with those heavy stainless ones. If you are not already pretty aroused they can feel a bit clangy and unpleasant. If you take your time to build up her arousal she will be able to take more aggressive stimulation. When the more aggressive stimulation is feeling good, she is probably about ready to squirt.