Monday, April 16, 2012

Episode 44: We Went to the Beach!

A 10 minutes topic turns into a freefrom, hour-long conversation about our recent trip to Desire Resort and Spa in the Mayan Riviera with the Swingercast group.

Observations and tips

There weren't many tan lines at Desire, so we decided to bring you this song by the band Tanlines from Brooklyn.  The song is called "All of Me" off the album Mixed Emotions.


  1. Thanks for your unique take on the Desire experience. We are trying to plan a trip within the next year and will take your advice and join a group. Love the podcast as always....keep up the great work.

    Willow & Reid

  2. Loved your podcast! We also listen to Swingercast and look forward to their podcast about Desire. So, you two went to Desire because you joined them. Why Desire rather than Hedo?...we have been to neither...yet!

    1. Hi Debbie and Mike ~ Thanks for the question! We actually considered Hedo years ago before we were in the LS because it seemed like a fairly party, anything goes atmosphere. But once in the LS, Desire made sense to us because it is couples only. I've heard Hedo tends to have a lot of single guys. But if your into MFM, that may work for you. Desire won our hearts because we had a few on line friends that were going through the Swingercast group. If you do a little online research, you can find regular group trips for swingers. Let us know how your first trip goes be it Desire or Hedo! Ms. Fu

  3. Great last podcast...cant wait to get back to Desire! AND - thanks for turning us onto Tanlines! (band)